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The Adelaide ride thread

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gizzo, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. Hi Adelaide NetRiders. Here's a thread where we can post if we're going for a ride, looking for company or planning a trip. I'm kind of thinking of it as a way to coordinate some weekend rides, get some social things happening (I love a coffee and cake in the hills somewhere...) and get some noobs in touch with the more experienced riders. I wouldn't promote myself as a mentor by any means but I do like some company and maybe can share some experience. Anyhow, use it as you like, or not. Here it is.

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  2. Hills bash 1

    Here's a link to a google maps of one of my favourite Hills rides. It's a quick one, about 50km and loads of fun. Lots of corners and you don't really need to break the law much,or take too many risks, to have fun. There're heaps of different routes you could take off this one but it's a fun starting point.
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  3. When, and is it suitable for a learner on a cruiser?
  4. Hell yes. You can do just about any ride on any kind of bike. Just have to ride to the bike's and your ability and the conditions of the day, is all. This weekend I'm out, but could be in for next. Or weekdays sometimes depending on who's free I'd make the time. It's fun. Just take your time and enjoy.
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  5. Looks good! Might have to rego the `80 RD250....its been a while. This weekends no good for me but the weekend after works.
  6. Thanks gizzogizzo. Sundays are out for me. Saturdays I have to check for the next two or three, and weekdays will mostly be good from the last week in September onwards.
  7. Sweet! stay in touch.
  8. never been one for the group rides, but i'll give it a go and see how things pan out...
  9. I'm up for rides south , I wouldnt bother riding the Gorge Rd., to many Rossi wannabes who actually cant ride and are more dangerous than the cars and cyclists.
  10. How are you going ...I am very new to this and I thought I put an avatar up ...I am guessing thats a photo...I live in the Copper Coast and was wondering if there are any riders around here that want to get together for rides and lunch or comrardary ... even if only down to Adelaide...regards Possum
  11. Hello possum
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  12. Ok I will jump in here, first with a suggestion of a ride on Sunday the 4th. Your thoughts please.
    Secondly Gizzo, you are a quaility rider and know the art of riding and would make a good Mentor.
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  13. Father's Day fishing/lunches/dinners - could be a problem that weekend?

    Hmmmmm how can i sneak out haha
  14. it's a possibly for me, but will know better closer to the date...
  15. i actually have my r date test sunday, im open to a meeeeet :)
  16. Fathers day is out for me but is anyone interested in a quick spin this sunday if the weather's dry? Eric, you're too kind. Thanks.
  17. Soooo.....thinking about going for a hills ride on saturday 3rd, about mid day I guess. Anyone wanna come along? Just a quick one, couple hours.
  18. EricEric and I are supposed to be in a car park drilling sense into me about that time, but I'm happy to swap times or do it Sunday if he wants to ride with you instead :)
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  19. You should come too...It's not a race. It'll be fun. You're allowed in the hills, you know ;)