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The Addiction is driving me crazeeeee.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by out_of_order, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. Well it's been 4 months since my beloved Yamaha was stolen by some lowlife. During that time I've gotten married to my lovely wife, took a long hooneymoon in Hawaii, decided that i would go freelance as a graphic designer when i got back and moved up to the western suburb.
    Now as each day passes, even though i am happilly married and working towards buying our new house, not a day passes that i haven't woken up in the morning and think about my bike and wishing that it was still there.
    As each morning i open the dresser ther would be a reminder about the bike as me helmet and jacket stares back at me wishing i would put it on. And as i walk out the front door there would be several bikes riding past my house.
    I am in pain when i'm in my car and sees another motorbike passes, because i know i won't be able to afford one for a while because stupid me had no insurance for the last bike that was stolen. A big lesson there ladies and gents.
    Now still having to pay for a bike that i no longer have, i will have to wait and wait and wait until one day i can ride again.

    The horizon just seems so far.

    My rant for today.

  2. Thats sad someone stole your bike. I would be so angry it seems that a lot of bikes are getting stolen lately which is not good. :(
  3. thats shit mate. i almost feel your pain. a month after i got mine, stunt went wrong, i had to wait 2 months for the bloody parts to come back. some mornings i would go out and stare it (sitting on axel stands) for 20 minutes or more. couldnt you even afford an old gpx or something?
  4. The Addiction is driving me crazeeeee.

    your still hangin! once your riding, you'll be saying

    The Addiction is riding me crazeeeee.
  5. ^^^^^


    I'm still thinking if i should sell my car or not, but i kinda need the car for what i do though.
  6. Its sad that you lost your bike, and its worse you are obviously addicted......but why a clever lad wouldnt get his obsession insured.......?

    Its better to have loved and lost, than to have fallen Off !
  7. how sad, especially sitting in the car whilst a biker rides past. hang in there, it only makes the day, when you get your new bike, more special.
  8. $1200 standard on road for a ct110 postie... c'mon, its more than enough bike, and you'll be able to sell it for just as much as u bought it... think of it as a nicotine patch, when you really want a smoke...
  9. cmon u could get a gpx for that price. imsorry but a ct110 is just a scooter
  10. Yep, cautionary tale, folks. Insurance is an indespensible part of ownership. If you can't afford to insure it, don't buy it, because you probably will fall off, or worse, some low-life will steal it....

    {Mind you, three months waiting for insurance to source parts after an accident ain't flash, either... :roll:.}

    Funny, you don't look old enough to be married :LOL:.
  11. ha ha! that's a good one hornet!
    aawww, out o order, i just wanna buy you a new bike.
  12. ive been with my GF for 2 years
  13. That's twice what I paid for my CB250N, which is capable of going almost twice as fast as a postie bike.
  14. you can pick up a postie from $100+
  15. yes, but for a postie, on road, if you wanted one today, $1200 is the going rate... i bought two, and sold each again within a week when i was doing courier work, for the same amount i bought the... you could buy one for $50, but its not going to be reg or RW is it?
  16. yeah posties are good little bikes, and i saw a doco once that tested their durability.

    they submerged in water (it started)
    they dropped it off a building (it started)
    they crashed it (it started)
    they put cooking oil in it and ..... yep you guessed it ..... (it started)

    i would have no hesitation of buying a postie if i had a really tight budget.

    if thats too small for ya then old cb250's go forever.
  17. did they try to stir fry on it? :LOL:
  18. yes, worked very well after coming off the highway, where they laid it on its side and used the crankcase cover... anyone for chow mein?