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The addiction carries on - where to from here?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ad91on, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Well, I've officially owned and loved 3 bikes now...

    I currently own 2 bikes, both of which i use.

    Suzuki GSX250f (1992) - the Across. The commuter which, rather than selling for a pittance, i have decided to run into the ground and keep until it is well and truly dead (allowing only basic maintenance).

    Honda VFR400 NC24 (1988) - the wanktank. For when i need to get to work really quickly. And for the twisties. I've commuted a fair bit on it too, but am beginning to understand the drawbacks and risks (to my license) of commuting on a highly strung, racey bike. Hence my decision to keep the across.

    So, you must be wondering. What could this guy possibly need another bike for?

    Duh. For the inevitable death of the Across.

    50km round trip commut-, sorry, hooning, at least 4 times a week. It's at 93,000km now. That's not including detours and other shenanigans. How much longer could it last...?

    So it must be replaced. With something. I need to have a goal in mind and a decision for when i must replace the across.


    Must not be a sports bike.

    Must have room for/be able to have room for gear (jacket, helmet, gloves).

    LAMS approved.

    Low maintenance.


    Alternatively, i could just not get another bike... nah, **** that.
  2. have you thought about a dr650?
    add a topbox and it ticks all your boxes...
    (might want to re-spring it too!)

    i've only ridden my old zx9 three or four times since getting mine ](*,)
  3. You might be surprised. In my experience, unloved machinery has a peverse habit of not dying when you're looking for an excuse to replace it.

    That said, a dr650 or a KLR would probably work...
  4. Wait till you get off your LAM's and get a real bike. the Across could last another 100,000kms yet.
    Or, if you are rally keen to replace it, remove half the engine oil and pour some aeroplane jelly mix into your radiator.
  5. klr650 are junk for what you want. you will hate it.

    dr650 are ok, quite reliable but standard suspension needs throwing in the bin.

    room for gear pretty much wrecks any other bike unless you want a bag hanging off the back.
  6. Technically the KLR meets his requirements.

    The OP might want to look at the XT660's as well. The DR is good though, I have one, great around town and a ventura on the back and I just refer to it as the "ute" now.
  7. the klr i had was just an oil burning steaming pile.

    dr on the other hand was stupid reliable, a bit cramped in the riding position but as you say, with a rack/bag on the back its just like the hilux of the motorcycle world.
  8. Hmm maybe it doesn't fit reliable then.
  9. GS500 with a Givi topbox, got one on mine.. 46 litres. Easily fits TWO helmets and other random shite in there.
    Coming from a 4cyl 250 as well, you'll fall in love with the 500cc twin's torque for commuting to work.. I certainly did :)

    It's definitely not a sports bike (in terms of seating/handlebar position) and it most certainly ticks the other reliability and low maintenance boxes.