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the ACT Netrider & friends ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by sonja, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. Yep, some of us from the ACT went for a ride yesterday.

    ricecooker, Heinz and myself, plus my dad, Matt and Aiden (I think. I'm awful with names) went for a spin yesterday.

    We started at the north end of Canberra, and went to lots of little towns including Gunning and Gundaroo (I think). Mel knows the details, I just followed along for the fun. :)

    We stopped in Bungendore and filled up, whereupon dad left us. We carried on to Braidwood and ate lunch. There, it was agreed that such a nice day had to include a trip to the coast. So we went down the Clyde to Bateman's Bay.

    About 10 minutes from the Bay (Heinz had gone WAY ahead) we came across the scene of a crash. A single-vehicle motorcycle crash. Whatever the bike was (Heinz later said that he'd passed 2 bikes, one of them a silver ZX10, the other a Red ZX7), it must have been a red ZX7. By the time ricecooker and I reached it, it was well and truly ablaze.

    Luckily, a gentleman who stopped not long after we arrived was a paramedic and managed to contact a base and request ambulance, fire and police. Apparently the rider hurt his back and leg. He'd been riding with his brother, who looked more than a little distressed (understandably).

    We continued on after the Ambos arrived, and not moments later, Pete came in the other direction, obviously wondering what had kept us.

    We stopped just after the main bridge before Heinz and I decided to head home.

  2. Hey Sonja,

    Excellent photos! I can't believe your Dad got photo's of Mark (not Matt lol), it happens so rarely!

    The towns we went to (in order) Sutton, Gundaroo, Gunning, Breadalbane, Collector, Bungendore, Braidwood & Bateman's Bay. Sounds pretty good all in a list, eh?? :grin:
  3. Yeah, it's long. Just like the ride was! :LOL:

    Still, it was worth every last bit.