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The ACT is crawling with jobs.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by typhoon, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. If you're looking for work of any sort, and feel like a move, try the ACT.
    I've been here 5 weeks, applying for work that's not in my field, and just had 3 good job offers in two days. The employers are almost desperate, and applicants are thin on the ground.
    Trades, IT, professional, unskilled, labouring all is abundant.
    There are stacks of new jobs advertised every day, some advertised for weeks at a time.
    The pay seems good all round for the jobs I've applied for, and rental property can be reasonable, if you rent a bit out of town, however, the roads are great, so nowhere is far away.
    Because of the lack of competition, you have negotiating room too.

    Regards, Andrew.

  2. Unfortunately the boring shithole of a place didnt burn down together with the pollies when they had those big fires years ago. You'd live there if you'd like to practice your knee downs with all the roundabouts littered throught the place; or if your a p0rn addict. :LOL:
  3. *sigh*

    another uneducated, misinformed, waste-of-time post :?

  4. Yep. ACT sure is a waste of time. Its my opinion of the place & it aint
    changing anytime soon.

    Thats why the "The employers are almost desperate, and applicants are thin on the ground. Trades, IT, professional, unskilled, labouring all is abundant. There are stacks of new jobs advertised every day, some advertised for weeks at a time."

    p0rn capital.

    Lax laws.

    Classic signs of a Shit-hole I say. :grin: :LOL:

  5. ...a shithole with the best school performance in children in australia? which in turn generates the highest matriculation percentage?

    there is currently an industry boom in canberra, it is even difficult to find accomodation in queanbeyan.

    a town is what you make it mate, unless you rely on "bells and whistles" to amuse yourelf.

    dont get me wrong, i would never live there, i love the coast. you just repeated what you read somewhere else.
    rather than be a puppet, go there, experience it and make an educated decision.

    and the lax laws quote is ludicrous.... whats different to other states?
    cannabis is ILLEGAL, murder is ILLEGAL, most of the important stuff is ILLEGAL. prostitution is only legal if conducted in an approved business house.....you think that is lax?

    can i also add complaining about lax-laws makes me laugh at your av ;)
  6. I don't think you quite understand so I'll explain in a language that will leave you with no
    misconceptions of where I'm coming from because school performance or the matriculation
    crap you were carrying on about is of no relevance to me & anything I've said.

    FYI, Canberra is essentially an artificial city, the only Australian city entirely purpose-built
    planned city & created for one reason and one reason only.

    Keep in mind, the city hasent even been here for 100yrs yet. and it is because of this, to-
    gether with the fact its an artificially city, that IMHO it lacks character; it lacks culture & it
    lacks the life other cities take for granted. This is why I was saying its a shit hole, which is
    why your quote is of no relevance.

    Apart from employment (of which the Government is the biggest employer in Canberra; &
    Canberrians earning the highest salary per capita in Australia), I can't see any other reason
    why a family would re-locate to that piece of land. If there is, by all means feel free to enlighten
    me because I can't think of any ATM.

    Others will argue that it has character because its a planned city.

    Each to their own I guess but as far as I'm concerned she has been, still is; & will continue
    to be a shithole.

    Like it or lump it bloke because that how it is & thats how I see it. :grin:

    BTW I have been to Canberra many many times, most likely more than you who lives alot closer
    to the place than I ever will. The first time I went was before you were in nappies (about 25-27yrs ago)
    & have travelled 1.5 times around the globe now so I've seen alot of what is out there. The only
    Australian city I have not seen is Darwin & that is not likely to change anytime soon & is no great
    loss either.

    Whos complaining about lax laws? General population may do so, but I certainly dont. I'm permanently
    branded with N.F.R

    & what has anything I've said previously got to do with being a red-neck & anything my brothers
    &/or myself stand for? :?

    No idea.

    Next. =;
  7. well, after saying all that, i think the people of canberra will be more than happy for you and your :rofl: .....brothers not to dwell there.
  8. Lol. And all of white Australia has been around for a little over 200 years.

    Culture? Canberra has a lot more than most capital cities.
  9. As Joel rightly pointed out, another uninformed post.

    I've been to Cabramatta heaps of times, but I haven't LIVED there, so any comment I make might be pretty irrelevant.

    Obviously the troll hasn't lived there, and so is just regurgitating other people's trite opinions.......

    Tell me any other city in this country whose government would not only sanction but assist in any way possible, the running of 6 motorcycle road-race meetings on public streets???

    So, to get back the subject of the thread, Andrew, why don't you email me some of those job adverts, I wouldn't mind living in the ACT again.....
  10. They're all on Seek or https://jobsearch.gov.au/Login/Login.aspx?WHCode=0&TextOnly=0 Paul.
    It's well worth a look.
    I suppose the ACT's massive economic and building growth is some sort of freak accident. :roll:
    Personaly, I don't mind living in a city with excellent roads (it takes 35 mins tops to get ANYWHERE), modern buildings, great, friendly, educated people, excellent retail centres, fantastic urban planning, with lots of bushland and trees, ample parking everywhere you go etc.
    And never mind wages are typically 25% or more higher than other cities........ :LOL:
    Beats crap out of some unorganised shit hole that's all concrete and takes an hour to travel 3 suburbs in peak hour......... :evil:
    And as for p0rn, shit, you can buy that in any capital city, or have it downloaded into your house via the net. :roll:
    And by the way, MG's posts are typical of his posting style, so don't worry about it. His attitude is typical of places I have lived and now left forever.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Thats lame even by your standards maan :LOL: :grin:
  12. Mick,
    You've been here a month, and seem to think people will tolerate your obnoxious, offensive behaviour.
    I suggest, and judging your perosnality you will completely ignore this, you learn a bit more about the people here before shooting your mouth off.
    You're really fast tracking the no friends, no one will help me Netrider path for yourself...............I hope the two moderators you have been offending above take note of your unique posting style for future reference.
    You may be a big man on the net, but it would be interesting to see how arrogant and rude you were face to face. I suspect you wouldn't be at all.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. Don't worry, Andrew, the troll is a current subject of discussion in the moderator's forum.... (Vic and Jason know who he is......)
  14. yep, ditto ;)
  15. Typhoon,

    I wouldnt be if I had no reason to. If you were arrogant to me face to face you'd be getting a
    double serve of your own medicine. Trust me on that.

    If your the opposite, then again you can only receive the same from me. Feel free to ask Seany. :p

    I contacted a couple of netrider members couple of weeks ago to do laps of the Spur. Bumped
    into good ol' Seany. Friendliest guy one could meet so he's only going to get the same in return
    from me. We chatted for coupla minutes; we shook hands & kept going our seperate ways.
    Netrider girls I've met in the last few weeks will say the same.

    I've never had anyone telling me in person they have a problem. If it happens I'll deal with it then :wink:

    In regards to moderator Joel, most of what I said was tongue in cheek; hence the use of emoticons.
    You need to ease up & not be so gullible. Sometimes people are only pulling ya leg UNO. :cheeky:

    Its all good. :cool:

    *Now what was this thread about again? oh yeh Canberra. Sucha beautiful clean city full of life!* \:D/
  16. Awww shucks, thanks Mick. :oops: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  17. Ah, the big circle! Someone putting crap on someone's home town and someone defending the place. Kinda reminds me of something........ :LOL:
  18. Thankfully, that was not my "home town". Just somewhere I made the mistake of moving to.

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. Lighten up Andrew - we've dealt with that. I was having a laugh. It was just interesting seeing you in my position that's all. :wink:
  20. :?: :?: Really? When?!! I've never heard of those? Though I've only lived here for less than 4 years