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the 600 world

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by halifax, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. Hi guys havent been for a while thought i'd pop my head in with a question.

    Ive now sold the spada and get my full licence in 3 weeks.
    Now of course im only looking for expereinces here but... Is there any huge diference between 600's from around 2002 on. Really what im asking is should i by a brand new r6 instead of buying a older gsxr for example(im looking at sport bikes). Has anyone ridden any r6's or the like then hopped on a newer version to discover a massive (Better) difference.
    Any input on what people liked about particular 600s over the competition.

    Thanks for the help guys!
  2. Newer = better.

  3. One of the main things I have gathered from reading reviews from a bunch of different bike mags is that the 600s and 1000s are handling more and more like a smaller capacity, lighter bike.
  4. I have ridden an "older" R6 (2002) mmodel I think, and it was fantastic. Good power. Very quick steering and great brakes.

    I have also ridden and older CBR600RR (2003) model and it was fantastic. Good power. Quick steering and great brakes.

    (My personal pick as the worlds bestest, most boring motorbike. Its soo good it uncrashable...)

    The additions of radial mounted brakes, USD forks and shaving 217 mythical japanese grams of the chassis will mean sweet f**k all to the regular users like me and you.
    To Kevin Curtain, it is a second a lap.
    They are all exceptional sports bikes, but you are a sucker if you buy a new one expecting you will go faster than the model from 4 years ago.

    Really, save yourself some dough, get an older model, and spend the difference on track days and superbike schools. This will make up the 3 kg in wieght and 2 hp difference to the latest models.

    Have fun test riding and tell us how you go. Mark.
  5. I haven't ridden either, but in principle, I agree with Elmarco; if this is going to be your first unrestricted bike, you're not going to use ITS power and handling to the fullest for the first year or so anyway....

    Besides, you can always get heaps of extras on late-model second-hand bikes, Yoshi cans, racks, braided lines, etc....
  6. I've sort of been going through the same thing. I own a GSXR600 '97 and have been looking to get a newer model but i haven't decided which model to go for.
    I test rode an '00 gsxr600 which i found wasn't much different to mine to ride other than it was a little lighter, than took the '06 model for a go and found a hugh difference. It handled much like a 250 but with more (smoother) power than the older models.
    I would take a look at the newer models if your thinking of keeping it for some time course the older they get the harder it is to get parts.
  7. The new ZX6R is definitely The Sex... but my usual advice is to pick up something a couple of years old, just because you get nailed so badly on depreciation. If you're going to keep the bike for 15 years that's less of an issue, but if you think you might change again in the next 5, you will take much less of a hit on a 2 year old bike than on a brand new one.
  8. ... and you also should research insurance before you decide......
  9. +1 on the insurance being included in your decision, unless of course you have keys to THE vault....funnily enough insurance companies seem to think I hold that set of keys (22yo with an 05 r6 :cry: )
  10. timnkoo they were probably rubbing there hands trogether when you said those words, kinda glad i started a lil later on a gs500, insurance this yr full comp $495
  11. I'm definately going to be going an older model 600 when I get off the restrictions, hopefully an older model Gixxer with the rear cowl. My thinking is of course the whole not being able to use it to it's full potential thing, plus I'll take it trackdays, out through the hills etc to do lots of learning on, as I won't feel so bad if I drop the bugger