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The 6 Hour - PI on Sunday 05 Dec 2010

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by D1300, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. A heads up for any interested spectators.................

    The entry list is pretty impressive with 38 teams. The support races are on Friday and Saturday with 6Hr practise in the midst of it all.

    It should be a good weekend.

    That's about it.

  2. You forgot the best thing sweetie it's on Channel Murdoch

    Oran last year 47 degrees
  3. RN, careful not to jinx it. Fingers crossed for a cool and dry weekend - I'm out in the support races and don't want to finish the year slipping and sliding around the track!
  4. Sweetie I'm green with envy........

    I'm cheering for Team Cessnock
    featuring Flying Phil Lovett - 56 fat and as swift as an eagle.......former enduro champ
  5. Ha, he's a good man and ridiculously fast though I've only met him briefly - his daughter is faster than me too and no shame in that.....it must be in the blood.

    But the best part about it is that he'll be on a Kato! I'll be curious to see Angus on an RC8 because he'd have to be one of the quickest guys in the country on a motard.

    Will you be there? If you look for a SD R in 44, that'll be me.

  6. .....yes sweetie he was blitzing them in the unlimited twin at the St George a couple of weeks ago by the length of the straight and not using the delicious Desmo.
  7. It will be a great weekend, err week!
    See you down there.
    Team "Put it on your Tab Officer"
  8. I'll see you out there little lady.
  9. see you Saturday night, champ!
  10. Sweeties I was talking to JS and he mentioned the after party will bigger than Darryl Eastlake....
  11. i'll be there on sunday if i dont have my motard together by then, because theres a track day on sunday for them.
  12. I'll be there next door to D1300 in 43
  13. See you there then!
  14. i'll pop down for a looksee if the weather isn't too sh1t. will make an effort to drop in and say hello to some of you.
  15. It's also the last round of the Australian Sidecar Championships. We're racing Friday & Saturday.
  16. am bringing down my 2011 side car calender for autographs!!

    garage 39
  17. Just been looking at the 6hr website, the PI website and Googled the news. Nothing out there that I can find.

    I've tried to call a mate whose son-in-law is racing (a former Marlboro Yamaha factory rider) but it goes to voicemail.

    Wish that Natsoft had motorcycle races in its database.
  18. I'll see what I can do - hang 5....

  19. Thanks. Is this from that Twitting thing, is it? Wish that I could figure out how to drive it. Might stick with Facebook. That's complicated enough for this aging computer user...
  20. twitter is gay anyway.

    i didnt make it down, motard is still not back running 100%. annoyed i didnt go.