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The 5-0, Healesville 19/09/12

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cougs, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. Just pulled into Beechworth Balery in Healesville and there's coppers everywhere.

    9 - 10 car loads of uniformed, all unmarked cars

    Lets hope they dont look too closely at my pipes...
  2. Re: The 5-0

    When I read that I couldn't help but think of this:
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  3. Re: The 5-0

    I have heard that you draw a crowd Cougs but thats ridiculous
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  4. All just took off - heading both directions

    ...now which way do I go?
  5. Re: The 5-0

    you stay put for 30 minutes
  6. Re: The 5-0

    Exactly this. :) Had to do it yesterday at macquarie pass :p
  7. Re: The 5-0

    and give them time to set the speed cameras up. :p
  8. Heads up for gembrook to cougs
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  9. Up Chum Creek Road... Obviously. ;)
  10. 9-10 carloads on a Wednesday? Doesn't really sound like a regular road operation, although I wouldn't be breaking any lap records.

    You sure there wasn't a special on donuts?
  11. Any terrorists out that way? Had a huge operation in the SE the other day; turns out they were huntin' tewwowists.
  12. I don't know about these days, but in years gone by there were some 'cash crops' being grown in that area.
  13. Probably driver training for a bunch of newbies??
  14. Would find it was a class going through the academy doing a placement at the Local Service Area and were being shown some of the ropes. I see them do it down here all the time, amusing to go into subway or maccas to around 30 uniformed police officers, all of which are cadets.
  15. Their being trained for the up coming months,where to go and what to look out for,its a destination for many riders to head for,that way they can check everyone in 1 go.
    But it puts you off going their with all the harassment that goes on.
  16. Well I stayed put for 20 mins or so then out over the spur, Marysville Reefton Warby Noojee and down through Drouin KooWeeRup etc and never saw another one so good day all up!