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The 40 year old virgin has cracked it

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by littleal, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Well I've finally done it.

    Last saturday went for a drive to sydney to look at a bike, it is good example of what i,ve seen,in talking to the guy he had done a fair bit of work on it,like new tryes,seat, clutch,battery,brakes,brake fluid,his reason for selling was that he had a car crash & bunged up his left leg& it could not hold his weight.

    So i thought i make a offer,& he took it. WOOHOO.

    Whats the bike i hear u asking A 1992 kwaskasi el elimintor 250 with 61.000 k on the clock.
    Then the drive home trying to hold back the joy of it all,untill i finally had the bike in my shed.
    What a long week it has been,I arranged a body to help me load it onto my trailer,& he could only go on wednesday night,change shift at work to get of a bit earlier, got there & old mate was nearly in tears seeing his baby going,i told him it was going to a good home. drive home with a bike following me all the way home (funny about that),unload it put in shed ,have a beer to celerbrate,all i wanted to do is go for a ride,but could not,as did not have my L's yet(being a father of 2 boys that follow me the nut shell BE RESPONIBLE WAS GOING THROGH MY HEAD)

    Anyway my i had my L's booked in for saturday so i did not have to wait long,(ha it seemed to take forever)got to rta the place packed did th rego thing,sat my test got 1 wrong they come around the here with me & i will issue u aLICENCE YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.............
    go home & get family ,go & buy a jacket a motodry duo 2 $250.00,lunch for kids at maccas (trying to be very patient ) .
    Finally get home put jacket ,helmet ,glasses,gloves KEY INTO INGITION & START IT ,& AWAY .
    My first ride i was thinking just go &get used to it first but after 5 min it felt so right so off i went staright into traffic for 6k stopped at some freinds place ,coffee,said bye had to go for more of a ride,& off home i went the long way, all up a 20k first ride .I thought that willl do for one day (but what a feeling it gives you i wanted keep riding,but had work to do ,

    :cool: :LOL: :cool: :LOL: :cool: :? :shock: :grin: :eek: :p :wink: :oops: :cool: :?
  2. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH, The excitment that first bike and ride brings.... Nothing like it is there!!!
  3. I sorted out my L's yesterday and am looking forward to exactly the same feeling you speak about..

    Sounds like your having a great time..
  4. Awesome post littleal. Congrat's and enjoy! :grin:
  5. Ohh Yeah Littleal, I know how you feel I just can't keep my ass of my bike, actually just got back from an hour or so just riding around on a Sunday morning pure bliss :cool:.
  6. it's never too late to get started

    you can become Ulysses jnr member while on your p's, I bet there wouldn't be too many others in that situation

  7. mate I had the same feeling two months ago after my first ride.

    And now, riding pretty much everyday...is hasn't changed much at all.

    It's nice to ride safely, carefully, then reach the destination, remove the helmet and try to stop yourself yelling "Whooooooooooohoooo!" to everyone nearby.

    Keep enjoying it. I am.
  8. Great read m8
    I did not get my licence till 45yo and it was a great feeling to get out and have that first ride,I have to travel 30k's to town so my first ride was 60k round trip
    good stuff

    and as being over 30yo you will not have to go on P's

    have fun :)
  9. hey littleal I did pretty much the same thing yesterday. raining today so not much riding going on
  10. Looks like there are quiet a few new 'mid-life' learners out there, myself included :)

    I headed out for the second time this morning for about 40kms, the first run was yesterday - did about 50kms.

    Bring on next weekend :cool:
  11. :shock: that's how long I've had my licence - I didn't even know that - good to see the generation gap is alive and well!
  12. New Bikes

    That feeling you get lasts each time you upgrade
    I went from my zzr250 to a Honda vfr800 woo hoo i thought now this is it.
    But nowwwwww just got my new cbr1000 fireblade and OH MY GOD
    I think i will upgrade to a MIG jet next .......
  13. congratulations-480.
    No wasting time since getting the bug with you, is there?! Good onya, little Al. Always love to hear of riders being so enthusiastic and getting out straight away.

    When I stop and take my helmet off, I just have the biggest smile on my face. It's while I'm riding that the wooo hoooooooooo... comes out!
  14. Hi all & thank you ,
    Went for a ride on sunday arvo & it started to rain all good no dramas,i just took slow & steady.
    As it it turned out i was thrown in the deep end I had to ride to work in peak hour to & from Ah well the things you have to do , The only problem was it was fair flogging dowh with rain,
    It si all good & have been riding to & from work everyday since. :grin: :) :cool: :LOL: :grin: :grin: :LOL: :LOL:
    cheers little al