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The 4 Choices?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by neosporattis, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. Howdy all

    Yes I'm new to the forum, good to be here :)

    I thought perhaps this section of the forums was best to place my inquiry, because while I'm not new to riding, I am a new user and I'm looking for advice.

    I was looking to get a new litrebike, 2009 model, however with the introduction of the uneven firing sequence and the crossplane crankshaft on the R1, I'm beginning to wonder if the Ninja, Gixxer and the Blade can match up to it.
    It's probably too early to judge each bike. There aren't many reviews around either. I was leaning towards the R1 because I'm a sucker for innovation. But I'm told that the Ninjas are always power monsters.

    What is the best choice?

    Cheers fellas

  2. id wait till the bikes come into the stores and test ride them all, im the type that dosnt go for max power but what feels right when i test ride them, hope u are wanting max power for track days, if not, then kiss your licence goodbye, no real need for all that power for 60kph zones, i got a r6 and even she is very powerful and very hard to stay on 60k's
  3. those ninjas are indeed power monsters.. after 7000 like most thous it hits you hard
  4. A bee's todger of difference between any of them in practise. The skill set of the rider will by far be the dominant factor in determining which bike is "better".
  5. Go for the one that feels right.

    They are all more than capable bikes.
  6. As flux said, unless your a pro-racer your never going to be able to get the maximum performance out of any of those bikes.

    Just buy the one you like the feel, look and price of.
  7. BIKE magazine (UK) has a detailed analysis of the new crankshaft arrangement, and quote the fatory as saying that the power delivery is more predictable.

    That said, much depends on your right hand, I guess :LOL:.
  8. Test them all before you can and go for the one that feel the best where you do 90 - 95% of your riding.
    Max HP is for p!ssing contests :wink:
  9. the new R1 looks fugly with those projector lights.... punish them for this design by buying one of the others
  10. i must say i am waiting for the new demo R1 to come out :grin:
  11. I want to ride the new R1 but F$@K me it's UGLY

    I think I'll wait to upgrade at 2011 when the realise what a terrible looking bike they produced.....

    wonder how much the engine would cost to retrofit into my 08 R1? :)
  12. I really don't know what the heck are you guys carrying on about, since it has basically the same lines as the outgoing model. The only difference are those intakes near headlights - would you prefer if they stuck extra bits on the side, B-King style? Does it really make that much difference anyway? I think you have to look pretty hard to notice them, and on the whole this is still one of the better looking bikes out there. The only change I'd like them to make is to abandon underseat exhaust - of the big 4 Yamaha are now the only ones still sticking to this design.
  13. I think I actually like the look of the new R1, but then I like weird. Very short tail is the current style (new Blade, Aprilia V4 etc.) , although the large cans on the Yam are a bit challenging. Like the projector headlights too.
    I cannot warm to the Kwakas origami style. as for the gixxer, well I never liked the style much, but they've little by little refined it to the point where I could live with the look (if I was into race reps).

    Crank timing will be the latest fashion if it works on the Yam, and I predict it will.
  14. The "shape" is similar but the look isn't

    To sit on it feels shorter (as I have the current model and tried it out at the moto expo) and I really dont like the look of the front headlights in the intake, I think it looks better on the 07/08 with the intake under the multipul lights.

    As the titus said the tail is a little shorter too I'll find pics

    Pics found and posted below (they're GIF images and have comparisons of the latest models.

    Credit from http://www.r1-forum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=241307&page=51



    PqZEEbA. [/url]
  15. Hmmm
    I was concerned with the feel of the size... I'm quite tall at 6' and I want a bike that will feel as good as possible. I also don't favour the pillion seat.. is it possible to get custom work done on the bike to change that?
  16. Probably isn't worth it if you're buying a sports bike based on the pillion seat

    as a guy at a store told me "Owning a bike is a very selfish thing"

    if you're after something more comfortable for 2up get a FZ1 or something else.

    As for size, I'm on 6' too and the 07/08 R1 is a good size, can stand over it comfortably but not feel "cramped" when in riding postion

  17. Oh, no, what I meant by "change" the pillion seat is get rid of it
  18. I would imagine that you would be able to buy a cowl cover for the pillion seat, which effectively transforms the bike to a single seater when in place.

    Hope this helps!


    "Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul...."
  19. yer im sure a cowl would be the first access. yammy think of...

    Ash is spot on... its fugly.. the red or white look the best but much rather an 08 :p
  20. Have you sat on a 1000??

    I'm 5'9 and can tippy toe mine. I imagine 6' would almost be the perfect size for one.