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The 250 is down again...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by evader, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Crashed on Kew Boulevard today... Not sure why but I ran too wide around a corner, possibly bad line going in, big night last night or potentially (though I doubt it) something wrong with front suspension as it feels really bouncy now after the crash. I'm not sure if something was wrong before I took that corner ( I did however just get the front wheel up a bit but the landing was fairly smooth.

    So about an hour ago I went for a ride with my mate, too wide around the corner, leaned more, saw the gutter getting too close, leaned heaps more but I think I fixated on the power pole and gutter rapidly approaching at the apex. It was either hit the pole/gutter or go for broke... So I gave the bars another shove and held on. I knew I was going to lowside but it was either that or the pole. Before reaching the apex my pegs where on the road, possibly exhaust too and definitely my knee.

    Back wheel ended up in the gutter (centimetres from clipping it and the power pole.) and I came off, bit of a slide.

    Injuries to me: Slight burns and and gravel rash on the right knee, blistered and burnt fingertip (had a hole in my leather gloves) and sore ribs.

    The bike: Started second attempt and managed to ride it home. Something stuffed with the front suspension (although no oil on the forks?) it's incredibly bouncy. Front brakes are useless, right hand heal guard/bracket for rearset and brakes is snapped. Pretty messed up exhaust etc from sliding.
  2. Glad your relatively ok could have been a lot worse :0)
  3. sorry to hear that mate, but atleast your not to badly injured
  4. Good to hear of your relatively easy escape. Suspension can definitely cause trouble.

    I went off in a roundy, no one's fault but my own. Stiff arms going in, pushed in too hard, straightened, pushed in again.....

    combined with hard rear suspension it was enough to spit me off. Small slide, not a lot of damage, got back on and continued to where I was going. Got the suspension rebuilt after that and it was sweet.
  5. Glad to hear your ok. How fast were you going? What sort of corner was it? I dont understand how you could scrape your pegs BEFORE you got to the apex of the corner.
    I'm not trying to rub it in or anything I just cant figure out how you'd do that.
  6. Hey I'm not sure of the speed exactly. My mate in front of me reckons he was at about 90. I don't think I was going quite that fast.

    Perhaps my description was bad. The bike just kept running wide (perhaps bad line, perhaps I hurt my suspension with the wheelie just prior to the corner - I think it was just my fault though and no mechanical error.)

    There's scrape marks heading in to the corner and out of it, so I was leaned over enough to drag something on the ground (including a knee that wasn't protected by leather). The bike just wouldn't get around and I fixated on the pole/gutter combo. I gave it a last shove to lean it over - that or hit the pole - and it was too much, back wheel slid out in the debris collected in the gutter.

    Must have been a shocking line in to the corner to be leaned over that much before the apex. Can't really explain it more than that, but I can tell you if I wasn't leant over that much I wouldn't be talking to you now.
  7. Oh and it was a right hand corner, nothing super sharp or crazy at all - could even see the exit perfectly - and it's a road I've travelled many times. Just a big stuff up on my behalf. The corner's advisory speed is either 35 or 45 I believe.
  8. Bad news about your off but glad you are relatively unscathed, i wonder if on a road you know well, that riding with someone else has any input to the crash, ie you have a bit of a brain fade moment and instead of your normal line you start turning following his turn just as he does meaning you are turning in earlier than you would normally and suddenly the brain snaps awake but it's already danger time, would explain a lot of group ride accidents
  9. What were you wearing to get gravel rash? textiles?, kevlar jeans? just curious?
  10. I had my helmet, leather gloves (had a hole in the finger though), jacket w/ spine protector and normal jeans on.
  11. Hope you heal up mate and glad to hear you're alright
    How's it going with repairs/insurance? Gonna get a brand spanking new one or repair the ol girl?
  12. Here's my take:

    The suspension wasn't the problem. You were. You rode too fast for your abilities/the conditions/road/whatever, etc, and crashed.

    Try slowing down first and worrying about the bike second.
  13. That's what it sounds like to me as well, but that said, if you keep going through there at 90 eventually the police will slow you down if not something before hand.

    I believe Kew Blvd is a 50 zone???
  14. + 1 deyago

    The speeds mentioned sound like me fully kitted in leather and having a good day in the zone... sorry to hear about the off. Take it back a notch and remember the checklist in your head each time you hit a corner...

    Does this speed feel good

    Find a good entry line

    Look for the exit


    Apply throttle gradually till exit and upright...
  15. Was there last night around 9.30ish aswell. Yea its a 50 zone so you have to pick and choose when you think it will be 'safe' to go abit faster. People usually pull to the side and let you pass on the ocassions I've been. There was a booze bus setup last night just at the exit before the bridge.

    The corners aren't sharp enough to do anything unless you have excessive speed and bad lining going into turns. The one I usually care with is where there is a windy turn with the road surface really bad in the middle. You can usually overshoot coming down if your too fast with a bad line.

    Glad to hear your okay mate and hopefully you get the bike all sorted.
  16. deyago: I mentioned quite a few times that it was my fault however I don't think I was too quick. Ridden that rode much faster before. I only mentioned the suspension once as I can't understand how in a lowside it'd break the way it has - seems more likely to me it was from the wheelie although at no point did I claim that's what caused it, it was just a thought.

    Cheers to everyone for the comments. Not sure what I'll do about repairs yet. I'm on my full license now as of Christmas Eve, so I'll probably by an older carby'd 600.

    I guess deyago you could say I was too quick for someone not concentrating enough though.
  17. mavericks: That sounds like Yarra Boulevard, not Kew Boulevard. (Just you mentioned the corner with the ridge/bad road surface in the middle.)

    From the End of Yarra Boulevard (near Chandler Highway) take a left turn, then right at Heidelberg Road, then Right in to Kew Boulevard for more twisties.


  18. Ah my mistake. Kew Blvd and Yarra Blvd get me confused easily haha.
  19. hmm kew..

    Dave or Jye? :p
  20. My name's Mark if that's what you're getting at...