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The 250 dilemma

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by N2O, Nov 18, 2006.

  1. I want a new 250. I'm not going the 600 for a while yet, although I can, I don't yet feel confident enought to ride a 600.

    The 250's i'm looking at are the CBR250RR, and the ZX2R. I spoke to a bloke at PS, and he reckons the ZX2R will outperform the CBR anyday.

    I'm 100kgs and pretty tall, so the CBR feels quite cramped while the ZX2R felt nice.

    The only thing i'm concerned about is that I've had nothing but bad experiences with kawasakis in the past.

    Thoughts, Suggestions?
  2. N20 -

    A good example of either bike will see you right for sports riding, if that's what you want to do. I don't really have an ellegiance to any brand, although I would sway slightly towards Hondas on build quality.

    Performance difference is really not that great, and varies quite a bit from one example to the next.

    My last 2 bikes have been Kawasakis (ZX/9R, ZZR600) and have given absolutely zero troble - great bikes, well made.

    Seems your greatest consideration is size - the Kawasaki is a bit bigger, as you know, so as such is worth considering.

    One other consideration - the CBR is available as a grey import as well as a local. ZX2R's to my knowledge are all greys.

    So...summary...ZX2R for someone your size, I feel. Take your time, buy a really good example, and I doubt you'll have any trouble.


  3. the zxr is a much bigger bike and has more torque which will benefit someone your size. why dont u get a bigger bike? if u take it easy then u shouldnt have any problems. i recommend u to get a bigger bike coz it will be the same as buying a zxr or cbr.