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The 24-hour challenge: How far could you ride?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. The latest issue of BIKE magazine documents a challenge taken up by three mad Englishmen; to hop on three bikes and, in differing directions, ride as far as possible in 24 hours. It's a fascinating article, and one which strikes a chord with me, because I've often wondered which direction I'D go in, and how far I'd get. I'd REALLY like to do this ....

    Apart from our renowned Davo, has anyone actually DONE this, and how far did you get?

  2. I'd go south, to melbourne. Then across to my aunt's farm. Then I'd have a stab at the plains :LOL:
  3. Are the Englishmen doing it in England? If they are, I'd say all three of them are going to get a bit wet! (ie They will hit ocean in much less than 24hrs)

    If I was going to do it, I reckon I'd go east around the coast as far as I could get. Some pretty good coastline riding between here and 24hrs away. (Including the GOR)
  4. No, one rode across to Croatia, one rode north to the Arctic Circle and one rode to Gibralter.....
  5. When I was living in Mackay I realised that it's actually possible to get from Mackay to Melbourne in just 2250km (or a bit less), rather than the 3000+km via the coast.

    If average speed could be kept up, it miiiiiiiiiiiiiiight almost be possible to do it in 24 hours.

    I would do the experiment. :)
  6. back in the 80's I think it was, Tex/motoplast held the record for riding around OZ, I'm not 100% on the time/distance but I think it was in 9 days or there abouts. I'm sure he'll chime in here with the exact details.
  7. Riding round Australia used to be THE challenge, and all sorts of people attempted it before the authorities in variosu states made it too hard to do. I recollect a couple of policemen did it in some crazy time on a 750/4....
  8. Tex was also on a CB750/4
  9. In which case, it was probably him :).
  10. id probably have enough after 100k's

  11. you would be able to do bigs kms for sure..., depends on straight line etc, and the like, a couple of weeks ago i did 900kms from the French coast to Berlin, not sure how long on the ride side of things as I was being a tourist.. but cruise on 140kms on the auto bahns etc, so if one went into Germany and then down to say Karlsrue, across to Frankfurt and back up to the north / east maybe 2,000+ in 24 hours, depends on the weather as there, summer there was heaps of raod works making things slow, but winter is crap riding..
    best i have odne on the ttr250 was 1,680kms, in 21.5 hours, with photos stops and not a great top speed..
    it is fun doing it though...
  12. I've done 1228 in 19 and a half hours, but I wasn't trying to set any records, or see how long I could go, because it was an "out and back" trip. I would like to do a stright 24 hour ride, and then take a liesurely return form where ever I arrived.

    These guys did;

    1. Calais to Ullanger (Sweden), 1440 miles. BMW R1200GS

    2. Calais to Split (Croatia), 1200 miles. Vision Victory Street

    3. Calais to Algericas (Africa) 1472 miles. Kawasaki ZZR-1400

    "The bike is stunning. Long , sweeping 90 mph bends, 150mph on the straights. No fuss, just perfect, fluid mile-eating. 1,300 miles ago I liked it; now I love it..."
  13. with my road going stamina (1150kms, in the ute, just today :eek: ) i reckon i could put a fair dent in 2000kms :)
  14. Last year i left phillip Island went non stop to Noosa Heads 23.5hrs on k1200s BMW.By the time i got home i hated the world and all people on the road .
    I will not do it this year .cheers Noosa
  15. pardon my parochial NSW question, but how far is that :)???
  16. Well if I must :LOL:

    1986 with my then late wife on the back of a CB900Boldor
    Coffs to Hastings when her mum had a heart attack 1500 ks in 18.5 hrs

    Or earlier when I and a few mates where very naughty working for 'her majesty'
    Crib point Vic to Coolangatta 1800 ks in 23hrs
    bikes = CB1100RS
    1100 Katana

    The return trip was alot quicker but cost heaps........ we flew and transported the bikes home :oops:
  17. ~2000kms the most direct route paul :)
  18. hmm well not sure about riding a bike, though a few yeasrs back I drove around half of aus and on some days did 1000ks+ before pitching the tent (generally at around 9pm with a few breaks and starting at about 9am), so I would have thought that on a bike you would probably be able to push a little more than 2000ks in 24 hrs straight taking fuel stops into account.

    Not sure I would want to be on a bike on strange roads for 24hrs straight though...
  19. I was talking to a guy riding from Brissie to Tassie. He had some sort of massive Harley with all the conveniences and it seemed awesome.

    He was an old guy who by his own admission used to ride real bikes when he was younger, but now just loves his Harley. He referred to it as "sitting in a big armchair".

    Provided the weather's decent, doing thousands of kays on something like that sounds easy.
  20. In 24 hours, if you averaged 100 kmh, you'd do 2,400 kms, not counting stops. Obviously if you include the stops, then you would have to do more than 100 kmh average to do 2,400kms.

    But (and Davo will probably shoot me down in flames here) it shouldn't be difficult to do a 100 kmh average for a trip. When we used to travel from Denman to Wollongong on a Friday night, (in the car) we used to do it a "a mile a minute"; around 239 miles in that many minutes, and that was through from Windsor to Luddenham, Bringelly, Narellan, Campbelltown, Appin and Mt Ousely to Warilla. Obviously on the deserted Putty Road we did a fair bit more than 100kmh speed, but that was cancelled out by the many built-up zones once we got to Sydney...

    The "24 hour ride" would just be to see how far you got when the clock ticked over the 24 hours, not how much distance you could ride....

    When I was reconoitering the "Three Point Ride" a couple of years back, at Singleton I met a couple who'd ridden from Perth to Brisbane for their daughter's wedding, and were on the way home, but I guess they had lots of time and weren't trying to break any records.