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The 2009 Dakar

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by movin, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. Without a doubt personally I reckon the best thing about this time of year, :-k apart from the occasional pair of free jocks, socks, holidays and getting pissed with mates, =; not to mention :angel: peace and goodwill to all mankind, the absolute next bestest thing about this time of year is The Dakar baby! :dance:
    Argentina to Chile this year but still called The Dakar :-s




    Barring Separists/Extremists/Terrorists threatening to blow the event up again and the organisers cancelling at the 11th hour, its shaping up to be an absolute ball tearer.
    I work with a Chilean dude and he has descibed some of the terrain, and from the youtube videos on the homepage, should be a :woot:
    I absolutely love this rally and have nothing but the highest respect for these guys. If you haven't got at least 20 years in the saddle, then I wouldnt even contemplate filling out the entry form in the hope of finishing a week let alone the 15 days and 9574km.
    The DVD recorders already set :grin:

    Mods maybe should be in Motorsport catergory??? but I couldnt delete OP for some reason
  2. yeah this is very very cool.
  3. Looking forward to it, especially after nothing this year

    Bring it on :cool:
  4. It must be the hardest thing that you could do, on a Motorcycle.
  5. Yes I really missed following the shenanigans last year.
    Bring it On
  6. no denying how mentaly and physically draining it would be.

    i love dakar.

    it would be interesting to see how compeditors compare the level of difficulty between this and some of the extreme enduro's should anyone compete in both

    im talking about romaniacs,the tough one,the iron giant.

    more so the multiple day ones as the are obviously more demanding
  7. http://www.sbs.com.au/dakar2009/

    SBS will screen a Dakar highlights show daily at 6:00pm EDST from Sunday, January 4 to Monday, January 19, plus a one-hour Dakar 2009 race review at 12:00 noon EDST on January 25.

    :woot: :dance:
  8. Dakar…
    A Pleasant Sunday Ride

  9. This is probably what makes the event for us armchair competitors. It is absolutely 1st class coverage, editing, and production values of the highest calibre, that bring it to your lounge room. I have watched the 2007 SBS coverage about 25 times. Its my standard hangover 101 recovery DVD :beer: . Carri is sick of the sight of it :LOL:
  10. Is that all 14 days or just highlights? and where can it be bought from?
  11. Just wait a few days and watch the latest. Forget the old one :)
    Glad to see SBS still continuing its coverage. I agree Kenny, it's a top event :cool:
  12. I was just recording all the ads :wink: in between the 6-6.30pm highlights ,because I love them ads sooooo much. :jerk: I find it helps keep me up to date as a consumer on what new products are available for me to spend my money on.
    You can just imagine my dismay and disgust, when I realised it had recorded all the stuff in between the adds :roll: to which I then set about trying to delete said material, toot sweet, as I thought I may be infringing on copyright laws. :roll:

    Mick Hones Suzuki in Box Hill sells highlight DVD's I think Jason?
  13. Your cynisicm knows no bounds.
  14. Awesome! Can't wait for it to start.
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  16. Thats an awful lot of black & orange bikes there vic. Damned unreliable euro cr@p :wink: :wink: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. No-one would run a bike in this event, without it being well prepared, no matter where it came from.
  18. Dakar in South America? I understand they had to relocate due to political situation in that basket case otherwise known as Africa, but I think they should come up with a different name out of respect for tradition and geography.This is rather like running Trans Siberian between Melbourne and Sydney...it just isn't right.
  19. I think that it is the Dakar no matter where it runs...

    Hopefully we will stop waring for oil soon and sort out Africa so it can return home...

    I love the bikes and the trucks... I try and watch it every night... for 20 days, the missus knows she has to put the kids in the bath, 'cause Daddy is watching the motorbikes...