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the 2 youtube videos that helped me corner

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by papermate, Jun 10, 2009.

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    you know....they say dont beleive everything you see on the net. but i find these 2 videos pretty respectabel and just did that little bit extra to make me understand how to corner critically.

    i actually found one, which showed incorrect postioning, so if the more experienced riders out there feel the vids are not correct information, feel free to comment.

    thought it might help some people. :)

    first - [media=youtube]sxODoscChNo[/media]

    second - [media=youtube]cq9Ua5Tuw3Y[/media]

    the thing that clicked for me was the hips. if you're turning right, dont twist your hips to the left, they should twist to right too. this is right yeah??

    robslav - u do track days, love your comments...
  2. looks like MR chit chat lol
  3. dont see how the 2nd vid could have helped at all? its just a guy who is obsessed with getting his knee down, and thinks this will make him faster.
    not very instructional.

    1st Vid seems pretty good to me. too true with not needing to hang right off the bike, you should be cornering and be able to let go with your hands pretty much.

    alot of people just aim for the knee out and down, leaving the head above the screen not the mirror, and thus a twisted torso.

    and what are you saying about twisting your hips? your body should be alligned with the bike (draw a line between your head and the centre of your hips). be it riding a straight line, then on the bike centred, not twisted to a side obviously. same goes for a corner, if you're shifting off the bike with the front of your body, you should be doing the same with the rear, so its like two parallel lines. you can probably allow for a bit more shift of the head/shoulders than the hips/bum, but i wouldnt make the difference too drastic.

    dunno if you're just choosing the wrong words, but your hips shouldnt be twisted :?
  4. +1 that guy was just gagging to get his knee down. Some of the shots there he is strraaaiining to get it to hit the deck.
  5. The vids of the guys in the pits helped me too actually. Key part of my posture that was missing was opening the hips. When busting around corners my leg still clings to the fairing for dear life, but I find when I open the hips the rest of the position feels alot more natural and locked in.
  6. Thanks. The first one was good. Not that I'm going to go too far but the thing I got out of it was the balance/input of your body doing the work, not input into the bars via the hands/arms.

    About the 1:45 mark of the second told the entire story (look at the rider in the background).
  7. it helped in the sense, you can see that his body positioning in the later shots are more effective than the first. forget about TRYING to put the knee down, i understand its just a by product.
    i found it a good afterthought because in video one, the instructor mentioned how people focus on putting their knee down, which results in a twisted body first. - as opposed to correct body postioning then knee down as a byproduct.

    i am choosing wrong words, sorry. if your bum is off the seat and body still in the centre, by twisting your hips outwards, it will reverse the situatuion. i just found the emphaise of twisting the other way to get back to being alligned, off centre was a clicking point for me.
  8. i dont get it? :|
  9. Thanks for the link(s). Interesting vids regardless of what the resident pros here say :p
  10. Watching the MotoGP, my mate and I were amazed at how far over they lean (almost laying down). They're not in it just to drag a knee. The guy who put together the second vid appears to be in it just for that. The bike in the background around the 1:45 mark looks to be leaning over a lot more (so probably not in it just to drag a knee) and is probably getting around faster.
  11. u gota admit that the guys in the MotoGP are going alot faster than that guy, thus the need to be taht low, lots of practice will get u to that stage
  12. first video helped me,

    second didn't
  13. Have u heard?


    I piss excellence!
    :rofl: and sh1t bricks when i get thrown off

    The only reason you need to get the knee down is to act like a blowass in front of your internet friends and gloat about your scratched up sliders.:LOL:

    But seriously don't stress about the knee, that was the maximum amount of lean that i'd ever get out of that bike on those tyres and i was getting overtaken by plenty of folks. The knee on the ground doesn't mean you're any better, it just means you can corner to an angle that requires a feeler for the ground. You can still have sh1thouse lines and be jerky as hell. Focus on smoothness and good form and it will all come with time. If i didn't have the support structure of the people on this site, i would never come along as well as I have as a rider. There is no one vid that will make you rossi, it takes alot of videos, alot of riding, alot of learning about what bike can do what and what tyres do what and it takes alot of mentoring and training.

    Now if you lot are lucky i'll post pics up of the consequences of overconfidence! :LOL:
  14. ...sigh, I've been a member tooooo long... how many times have threads like this come up over the years?

    Dear Papermate. Two questions:
    1. What is the purpose of getting your knee on the deck?
    2. What is/are the purpose/s of positioning your body as shown in the first video?
  15. The best part is the wording is almost identical in previous threads! :LOL:

    I am thankful for winter for the sole reason that no squid threads come up :LOL: It's a shame that its not the only topic that can be done to death.
  16. At least I'm consistent :LOL:

    The reason for asking the questions is that it's the first step in a noob understanding what it is they're asking... and why...
  17. To get road rash so that you can get the opportunity to go out with a hawt nurse. :woot:

    To pose all the way to the cafe for said nurse.
  18. Now THAT's an honest answer. :LOL: