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The 14 is home !!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Blue14, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. nice man, congrats on the new ride
  2. Nice! Hope you manage to keep your license for a while ;)
  3. Take it back, it's already leaking oil :)
  4. Its a drain ya nuffa. :LOL: Caz said the same thing.. :grin:
  5. Is it true that after 6000rpm it just wants to rip out of your hands? I love the colour!
  6. Well i have to take it easy for a while but more like after 4000rpm its wanting to throw me off the back.. When the thing loosens up and i do a few mods it will be one hell of a ride..
  7. I hereby nominate Paul for the Granny May award for his contributions to the second-hand motorcycle market.
  8. Show off :mad:

    noice mate
  9. Noice!! :grin:
  10. The next time we see it, I hope it's streaked with road grime and bug-splattered (just as its designers intended)!

    Lovely bike, congratulations. It'll take you at least a year to get rid of the huge grin, I reckon...
  11. Thanks Loz.. :grin:
  13. Nice Paulie!!! Congrats! :grin:
  14. Looks fast just sitting there :shock:

    Hang on and enjoy the ride :cool:
  15. Congrats, they're a nice ride.
  16. Sorry mate i think the 12 was a lot lot lot lot lot lot better :p

    just dont take it out in the rain ha ha ha ahah aha ahahaaah ah :LOL:

    coming for the gippy ride on sat?

    and yer congrats on the new ride :grin: