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the 1 inch fail......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DUK35, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. I don't even wanna type this out but I guess it'll help me get over it lol

    went to do my P's test today...everything went so perfect. I conquered it all from the weave to the U-turn and the emergency brakes etc. not a part or time where I was doing it wrong - everything was perfect.....

    (may I say that the Virago's are an AWSOME bike to do your P's on - absolutely incredible. It has MORE than enough agility to exceed the test expectations - I can u-turn that thing using almost half the box they give you, the weave I could still do it even if they placed the cones another foot apart - basically the Virago is the most Agile Cruiser out there - but ofcourse it takes alot of practice - but I recommend the Virago for the P's test, it's stable, balanced and has a really tight turn circle)

    anyways...... after 6 hours of the course.. including a coupla road rides and practice sessions.... I was more than ready to attack the test.

    Left turn, weave, U-turn, Stop etc. all was sweet..... then the swirve test.................... so far no points accurred at all and everything went perfect...... but this is the last test pattern and is also a pass or fail part.... so I paid full attention.....

    So I did my head checks, hit the throttle... reached 25 km's..... Swirved out................ ohh crap...... to much lean........... tried my best to pull it back to go through the lane (marked by half tennis balls) Successfully Regained my line........ but guess wat....... I Nicked the ball my an Inch... AN INCH!!!!! ............ spewing..... I failed on the spot......... while literally 1 metre away from the dream of getting my P's......

    My instructor felt so bad that he had to give me a fail - but it had to be done, and I admitted that it was prolly because I swirved a little to wide but I gained my line back, but prolly milliseconds too late causing my BACK tire to Nick the ball by an inch.....

    I feel like a marathon runner who was came first for the last hour just to trip over a metre before the finishing line.... ohh the PAIN!!!!

    Hopefully I'm back next week doing a re-test....... but yeah - fun day, Great rides and great to know I can conquer the test course 100%... but yeah..... this is prolly the definition of the case of Badluck lol

    ONE INCH MAN!!!!!!!!

    my life is just getting better and better ey lol

    Thanks for reading my essay :p
  2. very bad luck duke
  3. Shit happens, better luck next time.
  4. yeh tell me about it.

    by all means I coulda just took the bike upto 20km/h and swirved instead so I kinda asked for it to happen.. but yeah, isht happens lol

    gonna go cry about it and get over it and book my test again.

    btw - 2 people dropped their bikes today..... hard falls aswell.... and out of 9 people only 3 passed.... but the fails are mostly on points accured....

    I just happened to be an inch too late and got 9 points accured all at the same time..... = instant fail...
  5. Wow only 3 passed out of 9? Thats a bit harsh! I guess you know where you went wrong and what caused it so you will be better equipped next time!

    How did the two people drop their bikes?

    I remember on my learners, there was another session of P platers riding in the section beside us. I remember looking to the side and seeing this girl and her scooter flying a long an embankment!! Poor girl, but it looked funny and it was very low speed :LOL:
  6. A similar thing happened when i was doing mine, all of a sudden we here a scream and a bike revving really hard and as we look over there she flying into a chain link fence. Was quite funny after the fact as she wasn't injured at all, just hopped on another bike and continued on. She was only going for her L's as well.
  7. not much drama when i did mine :(
  8. Happened when i went for my P's, but it was like 3 out of 12 and someone dropped a nice shiney zxr250.
  9. lol

    one girl on a scooter did the emergency brake but locked up her front wheel and lost it and came crashing down..... her topbox came open and everything fell out... looked like groceries and whatnot.... I pretty bad skid and a fall....

    this other guy I believe fell twice before he hit the ground.... on a CB250... same spot.... skidded the brakes, lost it... .bike came down... he came off but still tried to maintain the bike and tried to pull it up..... which it turn pulled him down onto his side...... looked like it really hurt too.....

    apparently the testing guy sed afterwards that this happens all the time..
  10. Damn! i'd be gutted too!

    Suck it up and learn for your mistake stay 1 INCH AWAY! :LOL:

    LoL @ previous replys about some people have little accidents

    * i must remember it's all about control* :grin:
  11. Well good on you for trying DUK. I'm sure you'll pass next time. :)

    I'm very nervous about doing my P's. I don't handle tests well. Brain goes blank and I forget everything I know, plus I lose all faith in myself. :? Silly yep but not so easy to overcome. Just gotta bite the bullet and do it I guess.

    Treat it as a day of learning - not a day of testing.

    All teh best for next time and let us know how you go. :)
  12. thanks Rosie - don't worry - you also ride a virago. Trust me, Practice enough on that thing and you'll put all the CB's to shame... the Virago did wonders for me. it glides at 5-10km/h per hour and you can clear the weaves and U-turns so easy with that thing - plus it's so low to the ground and well balanced you won't have a problem with losing balance.

    (btw all CB riders today failed - surprisingly a ZZR passed with 1 point left, lucky. My friend Damus, Also a virago rider did 100% and also swears by the virago)

    I just gotta remember not to swirve too much and keep it in a slow speed next time....I kinda exaggerated it for no reason..... (prolly cos I wanted the test over and done with.....)

    but you'l be fine :) you got the best bike in the world :p
  13. Everyone but one passed the day I did my Ps. I did it on the CB250RSIF with no deductions. The only one that failed was a virago rider.

  14. damm carnage
    everyone passed when i did mine including the two old gals on viagros.
    Btw the 5 meter stop is an excelent time to show of ur stopiy skillz (well maybe not on a Viagro)
  15. It's not that hard to do a stoppie on a virago .... ;) :rofl: :cool:
  16. DUK wrote:
    Thanks DUK...I'm certain I've got the skills to pass - it's the whole nerves/brainblank thing that screws with me. :(
  17. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Especially when your zooming round the city following someone with no brake light! :eek: :wink: :LOL: :rofl:
  18. my bike was getting repaired so it would be legal for my p's. they said it would be ready intime but it wasnt, so there was 150 bucks instantly for bike hire.....

    but everyone passed, and the most was 2 points, i got one.
  19. Bad luck but we all have spurts of human frailty.

    I failed my test by stopping in an inch ............and then dropping my bike on its side