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That's not news!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smileedude, Jan 29, 2013.

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    I reckon that we need a place to biatch and moan about how stupidly PC the world is becoming. So when you see something in the news that is so unremarkable that its irrelevance makes it interesting, post it here and we can all huff and puff. You know swimmers posing in gun shop with guns kind of thing.

    So in this mornings news, second item on the SMH front page we have 'a hairdresser married to someone important makes a joke about having your prostate examined'. Honestly with QLD and Northern NSW in a state of catastrophe, how this is considered remotely news worthy is beyond me.

  2. And just to remain balanced 'Barely heard of MP wants to know where the PM is'

  3. ''I don't think we want to have in this country a culture of finger wagging,'' Senator Brandis said. :ROFLMAO:
  4. On a side note, SMH editing let 'confidant' slip through too. Just checked the website.

    Unless Ms O'Dwyer did mean confidant :shrugs:
  5. I would have thought Julia was the type to strap on...
  6. yeah I don't see how a simple observation of physics can be contrewed as innappropriate.

    next we'll be banning kids from those little cubes with the different shaped cut outs cause it's wrong to distinguish between a square and a circle.
  7. Well, since it is apparently a violation of site rules to make comments about a certain religion that is known for its practitioners violently murdering non-believers, flying jet planes into buildings, and whose founder married a 6 year old girl (although he did wait until she was 9 before he consummated the marriage...), I can't see this thread lasting long. Anything that anyone at all might find offensive, even if it is 100% factual, is not allowed.
  8. [​IMG]

    Rainbow I've found you a new avatar.
  9. But can you make comment about a certain denomination of a religion that appears to condone the inappropriate treatment of minors and has been know to violently murder non-believers?
  10. PC argument aside, the change in the face on Juliar was funny as hell.
  11. I always ask for the happy ending Package , but i guess she isnt actually a doctor.
  12. I thought the Mathieson joke was a pisser. Everyone's laughed at the 'bend over and cough whilst the doctor snaps his rubber gloves' jokes.

    And he's probably right - best to find a doctor with small fingers!

    Besides, we women have had to put up with doctors putting their fingers in dark places of our anatomies for years.
  13. that's one thing my wife doesn't miss since her op a few years ago.
  14. I assume she doesn't have a cervix then?
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    I believe they took everything except one ovary, but I do know her specialist said she doesn't have to go through the PAP smear exam drama ever again.
  16. I do not like a woman with large hands, just sayin.
  17. So if we've evolved into bipeds does that mean over time proctologists will grow longer fingers?
  18. It was front pages news today Bernard Tomic the tennis player got booked for low level speeding in his Ferrari.
  19. I know, heard it about 4 times on news reports on the radio.... We have nothing better to report then that dickhead speeding?!?
  20. I enjoyed hearing the Tomic losing his licence story. Nearly all the news is bad news, its nice to hear a feel good story once in a while :D