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That's NOT how you make Porridge. Rob's 1st road spill [long]

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by robsalvv, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. This is definitely not how I imagined I'd be spending the 2nd day of my bike road tour to Adelaide. I just posted up a hazard road warning about a diesel slick I encountered and I'm back home, safe and sound... the bike on the other hand... well, it needs to go to bike hospital.

    When anyone has a go at me about how dangerous riding is, I usually have a conversation about rider attitude, riding for the conditions, having a healthy paranoia about other road users, applying road craft, loving the experience of riding etc etc etc.

    Well one thing you can't account for is something you can't see that will take traction away from your tyres.

    On my way to my first stop of Warnambool, at about 4:45pm, tip toeing along because of the greasy GOR conditions, my bike and I parted company.

    Up until that point, the pilot powers and the speeds I was riding at were handling the conditions fine. Nothing so much as a wiggle out of the rear. Then I entered a really long sweeper. I couldn't see the exit and kept looking and looking.... this sweeper kept on opening up.

    The road was wet, light was fading and I couldn't see the exit, so I decided not to push it. Just leaned the bike over, maintained speed [75-85km/h] and intended to guide the bike around. Maybe I was too fixated on looking through the corner and missed the first tell tale sign of diesel on the road.... because unexpectedly, without any warning, the front washed away from me, the horizon went askew and I felt my hip hit the ground.

    Comprehension dawned on me. CRAAAAP!! I'm sliding on the road... there's my bike just ahead of me on its left hand side, sliding away from me slowly rotating like an earth bound space station... Noooooo!!!!!

    I lost sight of the bike as I was doing my own slow space station rotation on my arse but it came back into view... then I noticed the 9R's trail of vital fluids... I knew it wasn't good.

    TOTW1 came to mind - don't stand up until you stop sliding... and since I was sliding towards the inside of the corner towards the dirt with no solid objects to hit, I resigned myself to the slide.

    The bike came to a stop 4 - 5m away from me right on the double white lines.

    I was able to get up and my first priority was the car I'd overtaken a minute before... I'm in a bend, what if they don't see me in time?!!

    I was able to flag them down and a couple of other cars in enough time. The bike was righted, but not without a few of us first doing our best looney toons slip and slide on marbles impersonation! Big thanks go to Malcolm and Sue, a local couple who stopped and stayed with me until the police came.

    The local copper, an interesting guy, 38yrs in the force, sole copper for 900sq km and full of stories about how dangerous this particular corner is, called the SES and firey's to wash the spill off the road - the spill extended most of the sweeper. I didn't stand a chance. Many of the cars that later were stopped and told to drive slowly through the spill slipped and slid almost comically.

    As for me, I'm fine. I don't even have a visible bruise... just some tightness in the neck and shoulders and tenderness on my left hip/thigh and left palm.

    The bike... well, you can see from the pix, my touring bag and the gearbox cover were ground. The left RG racing crash knob helped minimise the cosmetic damage... I can fully recommend the speedpack touring bag. pm me for where you can get one... lest I come acropper of the T&C's advertising something in the wrong forum!

    The road gear I was wearing did it's job well. Draggins under my cordura armoured pants, heavy winter gloves and my heavy winter jacket with lots of layers! There are scuffs on the left elbow and back, and the left hip/thigh and knee of the cordura pants are torn and oiled. I suspect the damage is a bit less than it could have been given the well lubed road.

    The ride back to Apollo bay with Graham the towey was an education. He regailed me with story after story of motorcycle crashes, fatalities, injuries and their exact locations on the treacherous Otway ranges stretch of the GOR. I now have a much healthier respect for this stretch of road folks. I got away very lightly... especially with the history that particular sweeper has even without the diesel spill!

    So... it's now over to Shannons.

    I was riding at about 3 tenths and came acropper. Keep that in mind next time you head off into the hills and go for a spin at full tilt... you just never know what is around the corner.

    tour ready bike
    Crash location
    More diesel
    Damage 1
    Damage 2
    Banged up bag

    Interesting situation in light of this thread:

    And this part of this thread about good gear:


  2. Oh look at that prety rainbow on the road...

    Good to hear your account, it tells us your still with us.

    Looks like the right gear really paid off big time.

    [EDIT]And yes that case in the US Of the guy found to be responsible for his spill came to mind as i was reading to.[/EDIT]
  3. My sympathy mate.
    pretty bike.
  4. :idea: OUCH we all want rubber on the road not us but with the proper gear atlest we live to ride another day and with a bit of luck on our side we can get up and ride the bike home only to kick the s#!t out of it when we get there :facepalm:
  5. Wow, glad to here your ok Rob, sorry about the bike man but it's only money.
  6. Never fun when lady luck is momentarily distracted, thankfully with both my own experiences and this one it appears she snaps back to attention to minimise the damage reasonably quicky.
  7. Aw shit Rob that's no good mate!

    There were deisel spills like that all the way from Warburton to Reefton yesterday, but there was so much other shit on the road we were pretty used to taking careful lines. I didn't notice anything like that on the two trips down the GOR I took this week.

    Very glad you didn't get hurt, the bike's fixable. Funny how the GOR locals all have so many stories like that innit?
  8. Sorry to hear about the crash Rob, hope your back on the road again soon. Does the insurance cover this as a No fault Claim?
  9. Rob man, cant imagine the annoyance you must have. But good thing is your ok. Probably a good thing also that it was during the week with less traffic.

    Got any idea as to what speed you were doin? If it was 75-80 as you stated as entry speed then i think you've done extremely well. Bike seems ok, what a bloody good invention oggy knobs are.

    Theres no need to say it but i bet your thanking your lucky stars.
  10. Glad you're ok dude, and that your gear held up. A point well made about not knowing whats around the corner. Looking at your pics, I've been round that corner (as I'm guessing many netriders have) kinda gives me shiver seeing a slick on it and knowing at caused an off.

    Also on yer pics......Dude, what the hell is that on the back of your bike, a fully pitched tent? Biggest bag I have ever seen!
  11. Taa folks.

    I'm glad to be here believe me! Interestingly enough, the annoyance was at a minimum because I really believe it wasn't my fault. March year ago I had a highside at PI and I'm STILL annoyed at that...! I made a mistake.

    About to check the situation with Shannons.

    One more pic for the record:

    Directing traffic

    That copper was a really interesting guy. A little dark on the force... but I guess you get that after 38yrs.


  12. Damn mate, bit of a nuisance but far better to have a (small) nuisance than a bad injury mate, I know that all too well. hehehe

    Best of luck to getting back out on the road and keep enjoying motorcycling :)
  13. ...jobot... that's 100litres of portable touring storage mate... called a speed pack! A beauty!!


    A tent indeed :LOL:


  14. Glad you are ok Rob. Sounds like it could have been a lot worse. Hope to see you back on her soon.
  15. pity but the cops probably dont have the manpower to try and track down the ofending vehical
  16. Bugger :( sorry to hear mate glad your ok good to see no major damage to that classic looking bike
  17. Rob!! :shock:

    What have you done!!

    That looks like one nasty ass corner there mate. An absolute bugger, but at least theres not too much damage and your still here typing about it.

    Did you get to finish your trip at all?
  18. I'll definitely be back on the bike... and the road trip is still on the books! And believe me, Rolla/Matty, I'm feeling luckier than not.

    The cop definitely said he wouldn't be able to track down the offender. Too busy and overworked... that wasn't the only thing he was lamenting. Shoulda heard his views on the revenue raising greedy government!!

    Hey Mal... that's a nice looking bike in your avatar ;)


  19. Glad your OK Rob. Sounds nasty but you came off with no injury which is an amazing feat.
    The bike doesnt look too bad either for the speed but the deisel will have helped the slide.
    Sorry to hear your tour was cut short.
    Another time eh !

    Take care
  20. Elmarco - I'm at home... debating whether to take a car trip somewhere or just use my time off to do the 100 things that need doing around the house...

    ... the speed pack is still packed....