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That's Nice

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by not_sane, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. I got my bike license yesterday, so today i'm walking down Elisabeth st toward the dep of transport to get my license changed. Much to my delight i see people looking accross the road and talking. fancy that... so i look across the road to find that about 30 seconds before hand a cabbie hit a motorbike, the bike was lying down on the road, the cab was sideways accross the road from where he pulled in. the lights in front still hadn't changed from red.

    The guy seemed ok... he was sitting on the side of the road with his gear off looking down. Bit after i walked into the dep of transport an ambulance screamed past..

    fun stuff.... :?
  2. What was nice, did I miss something???
  3. I think he was being ironic ....
  4. ironic, sarcastic. however you like...
  5. Congrats on the licence, BTW!
    Maybe fate's trying to give you a friendly reminder to take care out there.
  6. does that mean that it was the other dudes fate to get hit by a taxi to remind leo to take extra care?:p
  7. I keep trying to tell people how important i am....

  8. My karma just ran over my dogma????