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That's it, it's all over.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. For us males :(

  2. Dont worry Vic, they're developing embryos in cow eggs now, soon we wont even need humans!
  3. Pfffff, but can stem cells kill spiders or open jam jars?

    Didn't f*cken think so. Back to the drawing board, femmo scientists!
  4. Can women change lightglobes? Nope. We blokes will always have a place. We are the worlds map readers. No Vic, I didn't mean that map. Get your fingers out of that.
  5. SatNav, automatic cars [and scooters], lite beer, fly spray, drive in car washes and jam jar openers were all invented by the same feminist conspiracy that this is being funded by. Producing sperm was our last hope. :mad: :LOL:
  6. ahh yes, but until they make a machine that can do an oil change and fill the water bottles, we should be okay.
  7. FFS what next? :shock:
    Humans wont be needed in the future, the AI is going.
  8. Some of us men will always be needed. Have you seen the price of D-cell batteries lately?
  9. +1
  10. yep :LOL:
  11. don't fear guys its not very successful atm, 65 pregnancies, 12 actual births and 7 of those died....

    so if you use this method theres 12/13 chance that your baby won't make it.

    And besides who will get stuff down from the top shelf for me
  12. "Artificial sperm may make men redundant"

    Oh yeah? Well we have our own ammo men....

    Roomba- making women redundant!!

  13. Me of course. You're far too cute to have to stretch for the top shelf hunny :)
  14. but its pretty to watch her try lol.
  15. Severe lack of puns in this thread!

    Cum on guys...
  16. Yeah I don't semen-y posted here yet either. Poor form.
  17. It's not necessarily a bad thing, just look at orange juice. Overweight housewives tend to prefer the artificial concentrates but the hot single ones still go for "freshly squeezed". :LOL: