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That's It. I'm Outa Here.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ibast, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. You're a pack of bastards.

    We'll you are, but it's not the forum I'm leaving, it's the country.

    Looking for a diagonal move into Europe, within the company, I was offered a position 2 steps up in KL.

    Kinda hard to say no. 2+1 year expat position.

    So I think I'll be off the bike for a bit. Car choices in Malaysia suck too. They have a 300% tariff to protect their local shitty cars. The result is you end up paying too much for crappy front wheel drive cars.

    It also pushes up the prices of all second hand vehicles, with the possible exception of small scooters.

    Still I might get a bike once everything settles down.
  2. Congrats on the move, I hope it works out real well for you :)

    Who's going to look after the bike while you're away??
  3. Hmmm, but is KL less of a pack of bastards than Oz? You might change your mind after a few months :)

    Best of luck with your decision ibast. Please continue to call in here for a dose of insanity.
  4. Aww, man. I wanted to meet you in person one day. How soon are you leaving?
  5. Thanks. Not sure what to do with the bike. Putting 12 months rego on it today, but it's not worth much as it's at 98Mm. It's worth more to me to keep it, but storage is a hassle and the rego is wasted.

    it also needs a camchain and tappets done. Maybe I'll let the sister in-law have it, so long as she gets the camchain fixed.

    Still some cash would be handy when relocating.

    Still, the move is not until Mid-Jan, so I've still got a few weeks to ponder it.
  6. Malaysia may have a high tariff on new imported cars, but they also have a very high rego cost for cars over 3L which means a lot of imported luxury cars devalue extremely quickly and are in fact a lot cheaper to buy used in Malaysia than they are here.

    For example, when I was over there last year I remember seeing a 10-year old Jaguar XK8 with very low kms selling for around $30,000AUD, whereas the same car here would be more like $50-60,000. A lot of other large imported cars are similar (the Jag just got my attention more).

    Same goes for bikes. A friend of mine actually showed me a few old/rare British bikes that were for sale by local mechanics that were too expensive for him (ie 5-6k), but dirt cheap compared to the 15-20k those bikes would sell for here. I even saw a very nice Yamaha YA-1 selling for just $500 :eek: . Again though anything over 175cc gets stung with a much higher rego cost (though it's still cheaper than paying rego in this country).

    As far as sub 175cc bikes go the only ones I'm familiar with are the Modenas Jaguh; a 175cc 4t version of the Kawasaki Eliminator that's good for open roads but too big and difficult to move around in city traffic. And a Yamaha RX-Z which is a 135cc 2T naked sportsbike based on the old RZ125 (insanely light and shitloads of fun in city traffic and out in the country). There's also the Suzuki TXR150 (also 2-stroke), which I didn't get a chance to ride but is pretty much the fastest local bike you can get (looks good too in an 80's Katana kinda way).
  7. Thanks for he info JD. I'm almost locked into a new car with work, but might be able to pick up something interesting second hand for a second car.

    I've sort of promised the missus no bike, but maybe after we've settled, a project bike might be possible.
  8. There are some interesting classics still dotted around the country (mostly left behind by expat British tin mine/rubber plantation owners) which can be picked up quite cheap. And of course the cost of getting mechanical work, spraypainting and even leather upholstery work is dirt cheap compared to Australia.

    Having a quick look on one of their car sales websites I found a fully restored 1978 Mini Cooper (the rare 1.0L model) for just $3,500. :eek: Usually also tends to be quite a few early Mercedes Benz's, Jags and BMWs getting around quite cheap since the cost of parts is out of the reach of most locals.

    Almost wishing I took up the offer to move their myself when I had the chance. I'm sure you'll love it once you get over the initial shock and confusion.
  9. That sucks mate. You going to be moving the family over too?
  10. Sarcasm?

    For the most part it's going to be good. Fam is definitely coming. School we are looking at is better than we can afford here. Pretty good lifestyle over there for expats. The missus has to give up her job. She likes her job, but is having a hard time with her boss at the moment, so it's mixed feelings for her

    There are things that are going to be hard and annoying to deal with. Temperature and humidity for example. I'm also dealing with 9 countries all with subtle differences in culture. Well, some not so subtle, but winning work in Vietnam and winning it in Japan are going to be two different kettles of fish.
  11. What's the housing like? I imagine it as being high rise sardine cans?
  12. Government censorship is another weird thing you'll have to get used to. Some internet sites can't be accessed (easily), movies and TV shows are edited or banned completely, and there's a certain degree of Islamic/pro-government bias in a lot of the local media as well (though there are a small number of english expat newspapers that "imply" a lot of things they're not actually allowed to say).

    Of course saying that, I've probably just gotten NR added to their Government blacklist of websites :cautious:

    Of course on the plus side shows like X-Factor and Australian Idol have also been banned in Malaysia. It's a weird list, with a lot of stuff being banned simply because it makes unfavourable comments about islam - or favourable comments about any other religion:
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    Last edited: Nov 13, 2012
    There are some very nice, and very affordable modern apartments in inner city KL, and many of the homes in the suburbs are also very nice given what we'd consider a reasonable price for a home buys you a luxury mansion over there.

    A lot of homes also have domestic staff (cleaners, nannies, etc.) since they import cheaper labour from places like the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, etc.

    Only unskilled/uneducated locals are forced to live in high-rise sardine cans. But that's still an improvement in many ways over the jungle shack they may have lived in previously (with no power, water or other services).

    Edit: For example: A brand new, 4-storey, 5 bedroom luxury townhouse in a gated community with its own private forest - just $500,000AUD
  14. For the budget work has given me, we are looking at pretty nice places. A very, very big 3 bedroom (+maids room), modern apartment in the centre of the city or 4+ bedrooms out of town.
  15. KL is a blast, your gunna have a ball.
    It's a funny feeling working OS like that. An in and out job. Hard to take life seriously...or your work lol.
    Good thing you have family going with you....my liver couldn't take another OS swaree