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That's it, fkn TMU- you win, no points left, I'm selling the bike & dropping out

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dazzler, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Thanks Netrider, but I've got to go.

    I drive and ride an average of 75,000km per year. I have managed to amass a significant number of demerits over the last three years- mainly "road safety cameras" for small speeding infringements and tonight I snared one last demerit point nail as a result of the pitiful and petty harrassment of the Port Phillip TMU. You should read the TNMR posts of the downright dangerous antics of these 'legal hoons' tonight. I don't believe there is any form of human I have less respect for right at this moment.

    I believe tonight really demonstrated that they have lost sight of the real goal of road safety and replaced it with their own version of the wild west, they have the bigger guns and the Law is on their side so they'll do what they damned well please. They are a spiteful and vindictive extension of the greed and nanny mentality that the beige cardies have allowed. Anyway, it's over now (aside from my upcoming court appearances to defend some of the allegations with my Barrister).

    What a ride it's been though. I have met so many sensational new friends, from all walks of life and corners of the world, I couldn't ask for a better bunch of mates. I have learned to ride with Netrider (thanks particularly to Doug and Dave) and I hope I have given enough back in terms of support (TECing, etc) and other help along the way.

    We have shared the best of times- some of my best memories are riding with you guys to some extraordinary places on some wicked roads, and sadly all too often, the worst of times as well, but we were there helping each other through together.

    Good luck guys, stay safe. I'm missing it already.:cry:

    PS anyone want to buy a reliable VFR800?


  2. Darryn you got nailed again!!!
    Was that on the TNMR ?
    But anyhow, it is Very Sad to see you pack it in but I do understand being in the same boat and knowing that there are sooooooo many out there trying there luck with the Law, thinking that they too Will end up in the same boat as we are.......it's sad

    You will be missed but hey.......Don't forget about the bar b q's we have here in the west :)

    C U Soon
  3. it must be netriders fault. This forum will have you imprisoned. practice picking up the soap.
  4. screw them , ride unlic until you get your points back , everyone else does .
  5. that's sad to hear, mate, I read these posts and rejoice that I only ride in Victoria on the occasions I do a Netrider visit, it must be awful living there

    on the plus side, Earle is still enjoying your old 250 :) :LOL:
  6. Very sad to hear, as we have seen lately this is a plight on the horizon for a number of us.

    Hope To see you back on the roads once you get past this hump in the road.
  7. Bad news mate. I suspect the copper is the same one who did me for riding to the pump from the car park at the back with no helmet, what's the dogs name?

    Hang in there, if you give in now, they've won, essentially. Well, not essentially, they have.

    I have one point for the next 13 months, it's going to be hard & I expect I will lose my license in the meantime.
  8. Keep your Bike, The suspension will soon be over and you can ride again,

    I have been riding for 47 years, currently walking, But its just a hiccup,

    In those years, I have found the bike riding community, No matter what you ride, All stick together and help each other,

    A better bunch of people you wont find any where,

    Night or day, your on the side of the road, a Bike will always stop for another rider, Just to make sure your alright,

    Even Heather, who has only been riding for 6 months has found this out, And she is impressed by it,
    A couple of times she has stopped on the side of the road, and every time some one has pulled up and enquired if she needs help.

    Think about it mate, Keep riding, Its the best way to live your life,
  9. TMU + TNMR + ETC = WTF for NSW people like me
  10. Mate, think every one of us empathizes with your plight, and right now you just had a gutfull. Wait a few weeks, calm yourself, and get some more perspective...THEN JAM IT RIGHT UP THE BASTARDS, by riding anyway. You can last out the suspension time. I've just returned to riding recently after about 14 months off the bike, due to injury. I know it's not the same thing, but the result was the same.

    And actually, I would have gladly traded places with you if you're off for less time than that! :)).

    Just simmer before you make any moves, but you'll regret it deeply if the only reason you gave it up, is because of the bastard cameras and prick coppers.

    No judgement at all...just saying mate...
  11. They'll have every one of us applying for permission to go out the front gate if they can. Don't give them the satisfaction.
  12. Pricks. Good news though! Broadford. Phillip Island. You can ride without a licence you know...
  13. Sad to see you go, have you thought about getting a bike of lower power, thus making it harder to speed on?? I am sure that there would be plenty of people on here that would gladly swap you there 250 for your 800.
  14. Will it help, really? The odd overtake to get yourself out of harms way, a downhill stretch, a plain dipshit cop.... all you need it to get pinged on a few of these and its over.
  15. Darren, Commiserations but don't give it way, the suspension will pass and you can be back out there again. You obviously have the passion. :)
  16. I'd say ride anyway but considering you're having trouble controlling that throttle, I would advise against it. You will probably just land yourself in more trouble.

    That said, I wouldn't give it up. You will regret it. Put the bike away for a while, reflect on current situation for a while and when the suspension is up get back out there and learn from it.

    If you find yourself getting pinged by cameras all the time, maybe find a bike more suited to the environment - something not so powerful for everyday commuting.

    Just a thought. :)
  17. 75 thou a year! That's mainlining it, how in hell are you going to go cold turkey?

    Just cool down and wait it out. The VFR800 is too good a bike to sell, just leave it in the shed and do some work on it. I curse the day I got rid of the 750.

    Victoria is something else. I am a very conservative (read defensive), but quick, rider/driver. At my age I have to be as the reflexes are not as quick as I think they used to be. Over New Year was visiting a mate who recently moved to Dromana and guess what – a love letter from the infringements department! 64 (67) in a 60 zone, please send money and let’s have a point.
    I have asked for an internal revue on the grounds:
    1. Not a “speeding” offence rather a minor error of judgement/attention. I plead guilty to that only.
    2. Not familiar with the area that had more changes of speed limit than a dog has fleas (road works etc).
    3. As the vehicle was a hire, to cope with point 2 I would have had to pay more attention to the speedo than the road and traffic just to avoid a minor infringement, therefore placing myself and others at risk of a collision.
    4. Despite all of the above I must confess I am not without guilt. I received a speeding fine in 1966, clean since.

    I don’t like my chances but gotta give it a go.

    Keep riding mate, or one day, in a galaxy far away (old age) you will regret it.
  18. Dazzler, if I read this right, you been issued with an infringement that puts you to 12 points yeh?

    If you object to that infringement, you will be able to keep driving until / while you have 11 points in any 3 yr period, right up until a court decides whether that infringement is upheld or not. (Note: You could get new infringements in the mean time...). Seems like you're going to fight it so you're taking this path at the moment. Let's hope your lawyer has the smarts and inclination to pick apart the police case - generally they're only happy to guide you through the plead guilty process. Be aware, that defending an apparently open and shut case costs bucks and time, looking for the procedural inconsistency to cast doubt on the infringement.

    Anyway, when you have 12 or more demerit points in any 3yr period, you will get a choice of serving a suspension of <Demerit point total divided by Four> months, after which time you start with a clear slate, OR taking the 12months zero point bond - which is to go 12months with no points at all - after which your slate is cleared. Get one point for any reason and you will serve a suspension of twice the original.

    In Victoria, all this is mandatory stuff. You can't argue a different penalty in lieu of the mandatory fine/suspension like the old days... this is due to all the beigefluenza infecting our once great state and the politics of being seen to be tough on crime and road safety.

    The decision is in your hands brother.
  19. Speeding in Victoria (as elsewhere) is a strict liability offence. What that means is that the only fact at issue is whether you were, or were not, speeding. All the peripheral issues outlined above have absolutely no bearing whatsoever on your eventual guilt or innocence. The only way that you will get out of a speeding fine by challenging it is if you weren't speeding and you can prove it.

    Having said that, if you have had a clean record for 45 years, definitely write them a letter stating that and setting out all the issues outlined above as explanations for your momentary lapse. My girlfriend did that last year (and she only had six years without a fine) and she was given a reprieve.

    So: going to court = won't work; writing a letter = might work.