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That's a truck

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by offtrack, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. It was dark and raining, at 5:15am.

    I was riding to work through a rural / industrial area, without street lights. Low beam on my bike is not very good, and I couldn't use high beam, because there were oncoming cars in the distance.

    The road was a 90km/h zone, but a single lane each way.

    There was no one in front of me, and I thought I spotted something break the beam of the oncoming headlight - the only clue of what was about to happen.

    An unloaded flatbed truck (12t or so?) pulled out into my path, from a small street on the RHS.

    The truck must have already been partially facing away from me, as I couldn't see any headlights, and by the time I saw the truck pulling in front, I was right up on it.

    I slowed down quickly through the gears, and braked hard, and once I had wiped off most of my speed, i was able to pull out past it, and overtake, as the oncoming traffic hadn't quite reached us yet.

    I presume the truck saw me, but misjudged my speed. I didn't see him at all, until it was far too late. Lucky I could overtake, because I am not 100% sure I could have come to a complete stop, or slow enough, in the room I had.

    Lessons learned:

    Use high beam, so YOU can see, even if it is not 100% legal with oncoming traffic.

    Slow down in the wet.8-[

    Keep looking for visual clues, such as the break in oncoming headlights.

    Write a will.8-[
  2. Glad to read you were able to evade - but why put yourself in that situation? Maybe see about replacing your low beam.

    You will crash If you can't see properly in the dark, so you better have that will made out ASAP.
  3. Good point. Most of my commuting is metro, and well lit. This was just a fun back way, with light traffic and higher speed limits. Its not often that I ride in pitch black conditions, but I have noticed low beam is not great.

    The angle the truck turned, I didn't see any head lights, and definitely couldn't see the tail lights until it was too late.

    Also, not being a rigid truck, I didn't notice any obvious change in the 'background' - ie, trees blocked out etc.
  4. Low beam sux on the TL too. I bought a spare, will gut it and get some projectors in there one day.
    Might be possible with yours?
  5. Don't high beam, unless clear. Eyes adjust to the dark. If you high beam the oncoming cars their ability to see anything after you is seriously decreased and they become dangerous to other road users. It is just selfish. Your low beam should make you as visible as your high beam. If everyone went around high beaming all the time night time riding would be a lot more dangerous to everyone.
  6. Flat bed tow trucks... My one fear on the road.

    I NEVER ride anywhere near those things, it's like this giant metal blade just waiting for you.
  7. Well spotted.

    Every winter I have at least one related experience per week with unlit trailers and utes with no tail lights. It's so common that I'm actively looking for unlit vehicles when riding in the dark.
  8. Yeah high beam is not the solution.
  9. In these circumstances I find it best to lock the rear wheel, spin the bike 45deg whilst bringing it to a slide. Lie flat on the side faring while you pass under the truck. If he's really pissed you off you could use your standard motorcycle issue flick knife to sever the fuel line. The sparks from your foot pegs should finish the job, causing a nice display of pyrotechnics and an eternal reminder to consider motorcyclists.

    The only hard part is getting back upright. Generally a strong, sharp flick of the bars and shift in body weight should do the trick. Make sure you finish with either a rolling burnout or slow motion fist pump.

    yep, I'm bored...
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  10. Watched Lukey Luke yesterday, sounds like one of his performances lol

    Glad OP made it safely, well done!! I witnessed a dickehead courier turn right in front of a bike that I was following, honestly, glad thers no guns allowed on bikes grr.
  11. nice work getting around it safely, that would have been pretty a pretty shit ride to work if you had hit it.
  12. The best way to brighten up your night is to buy better globes, try out a Navara Plus 120 (12v) globes from Supercheap...............I have a Plus 50 and boy these are bright.

    I you want an even brighter and more angled light (for when your turning), try out an auxiliary light.
  13. low beam better allows you to see the sides for slow tight corners, high beam is better for fast straight roads............

    Like I said, buy better globes, they are deerer but is a great great great mod for the bike............
  14. Adjust your headlight higher. NSW law specifies 20-50m reach on the low beam, I suppose elsewhere should be similar? Use it, there is no reason to have it aimed to 10m out if the law allows you more.