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Thats a mans corner

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by goff, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. Some of you might have seen this, for those who have not enjoy.


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  2. Thanks for posting that, those guys are super-human, aren't they?
  3. They are super human, it makes any other form of motor racing look tame.
    At one with bike, body and soul .
  4. Best race in the world.
    Jumping super bikes at 250kmh :wtf:

    The offs some of these riders have are just epic.

    Would love to have a go at the track, to see just how fast these guys can ride.
  5. A bit of Isle of man research.
    Each lap is 37.75 miles long with over 200 turns.
    And the record for a single lap is 130 MPH, there are straight sections where the bike hits over 200 MPH.
    The race takes place at the end of May, and has been doing so since 1907.
    There has been over 240 fatalities in it's history. :(