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That'll Leave a Mark.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by N1GH7-R1D3R, May 24, 2006.

  1. Here is vid of a GSXR Drag bike accident. It happens right as he drops the clutch to take it. It appears that the piston or something is shot through the frame and takes his hand off (you see his glove fly off to the other side of the bike).

    I don't know what could cause this, what actually happens or even if it's just his glove or the whole hand. It does however look very painful and very scary.

    Right-Click Save as (450kb)
  2. *decides against viewing that one*
  3. AAAAAAAAAAARgggh..... oMG :shock:
  4. It's not graphic. The video quality isn't great either. Basically you see him rev it for the take off, drop the clutch, something goes BANG and there is a small fire ball. At the same time you see his glove go flying over the other side of the bike, he clutches his arm and quickly gets off the bike.
  5. owwww thats gonna hurt
    im not sure either...
    but does look like he lost a hand :shock: :shock:
  6. i thinki'll pass.
  7. Looks like both arms are the same length as he staggers off the bike. I think the air-pressure of the explosion was just enough to puff the glove up and blow it off, but it looked to me like his hand was still intact.
  8. either way that's nasty :shock:
  9. Indeed, but when choosing between having a glove blown off, or a whole hand, I'll take the glove thanks.
  10. Ok i did some searching on the internet and found the forum it was originally posted on, including what actually happened

  11. ouch...


    Yeah the hand probably would hurt for an hour or two after that. The cracked sternum would be a painful reminder for a while longer!
  12. I don't reckon it was even the glove. More likely the bar or some of the front fairing IMO. I can't see any way possible to get a glove off like that without taking the hand, which looks to be still there.

    Bloody painful just the same.
  13. Yeah if you read my post above, i found a forum with the acutal guy on it and it was a piece of the ram air tube. The reason he clutches his chest is the fact that the tank actual smacks him in the sternum. If you watch the video closely or slow it down (Shift + ctrl + s) you will see the tank actually lift up and hit his chest, consequently cracking his sternum.

  14. That will definitely leave a MARK!!!
  15. Hmm... certainly looks alot more painful than the explanation gives it credit for! Rigging the clutch for the nitrous seems like a weird way to do it... but i guess on a drag bike it's all or nothing.