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That'll learn yah

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, May 1, 2006.

  1. Comming to work this morning , slight drizzle so I was behaving and hadn't even started to lane split/filter, mainly as the traffic was doing 100 etc ( had nothing to do with the unmarked car sitting two cars behind me either :p )

    Anyway coming up to the Hallam rd onramp ( i was on the monash )
    I did the curtius thing and moved to the far right lane to allow the cages room to merge etc: I might add so did ALL the cars behind me !

    The 1st two merging cars didn't even look like doing a head check and came straight across to MY LANE forcing me to brake and move onto the shoulder thinkig WTF :shock:

    But the 3rd cage took the cake F:iing P plater in a crumydore .... he made eye contact with me and laughing AT ME still came across forcing me to STAY on the shoulder/emergency lane :evil: :shock:

    He stopped laughing when he lost his side mirror :twisted: ( and i didn't have to manouver much to do this either.... FK he was close )
    while this was going on the above mentioned unmarked car was watching and was taking action ( pretty red and blue lights ) :LOL:
    I pulled over behind the crumydore with the police behind me !
    Peanut got out abusing the F outa me :LOL:
    Untill mr Plod told him to shut the FK up and get back in his car and wait !
    Nice mr plod asked if i was ok ..... shaken but not stirred I reply'd

    I asked if i could hang around to hear peanuts version, mr plod said yeah be my guest you may enjoy this ( mr plod wispered to me he rides on the w/ends )

    I'll cut out the long story but end result :
    Peanut = unroadworthy car ...... plates removed
    + blew .02
    + dangerous driving endangering other motorists
    + allready had points gone from other fines = no more lic now :LOL:
    taken back to the station for follow up for being over 0.0
    plus a ear bashing form mr plod every time he opened his mouth to complain about his mirror ! :LOL:
    something along the lines of If you had done that to me i would have put my boot through your window just for starters , you could of killed that bike rider your just lucky he was alot smarter than you are and saw you 1st !

    What a way to start the week :LOL: :twisted:
    so bring it on Melb im in the mood to play now :twisted: :LOL: