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That was scary!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Kurtis_Strange, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Tonights commute home wasn't as pleasant as the last one I mentioned...

    Was comming home in heavy traffic, lights went red at an intersection in a 70 km/hr zone, I was only a few cars back so cut to the front and waited for the lights in between the two outside lanes.

    In the right lane behind me was a merc, in the outside left lane was a 6 cylinder non-descript blue holden (3 lane intersection).

    The lights go green and I gun it, now I'm on a scooter but its a 200 and pretty quick off the mark and I never usually have a problem getting away from the traffic...

    I chose the holdens lane and got up to speed pretty quickly, but the guy absolutely floored it, you could hear his engine full on revving and next thing I've got his bumper right up next to my leg, I was doing 80 and this guy was still coming on strong!

    I literally had to change into the right hand lane to get out of his way or he would have run me down, luckily the merc was quite a way back.

    And the really stupid thing is there was a nother set of red lights 50 metres up the road, so once he roard past me he had to slam on his brakes...obviously didn't like the idea of me "pushing in" at the lights.

    Watch those cages!
  2. Get in front of those cages! If you're going to lane split to get in front, pick the car you intend to get in front of and move in front while the light is red. I did the same thing while riding on Sunday and the mate I was riding with told me quick smart to get in front of a car or you're giving them too much temptation to drag with you to keep their lane.

  3. yeah good call. will do in future.