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That was close.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Mike9999, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. Fuck me it was a close one today.

    Finished uni early so thought I'd do a few runs of the yarra boulevard.

    The whole stretch of road, although short, is very nice. The surface is OK, better in some parts than in others; one particular corner is my favorite as it's surface is a light shade of grey, compared to the black bitumen everywhere else, and is alot cleaner. Here it is on google maps:http://g.co/maps/36b43

    I was travelling in the same direction as the red car is in that image. As you can see there is a side-street just to the left of the car. I had about $0.90 in my pocket at the time, and as I came around I saw a silver merc creeping over the white line wanting to turn right across me. Quick glance at his head showed he was looking the other way. Merc started to move forward across my lane, and then my attention turned to another car coming the other way. Looked back at the gap between the front of the Merc and the white line between the two lanes and made the decision to go for it. Didn't go for the front brake, in fact I think I cracked open the throttle just a bit more. Managed to get so close as to see the bugs on the front of the merc and then I was through the gap and the corner opened up. Quick glance back to see the merc stopped halfway across my lane. I think all this happened very quickly but it felt like an age - they're right, time really does 'slow down' in these situations Had he not braked when he did...well, I didn't like my chances. Not with the other car coming the opposite direction.

    Let out a few expletives in my helmet, but no rush of adrenalin or pounding heart like I expected.

    Finished up another couple of easy runs then started to head back when I saw the merc again. He turned into one of the side-streets so I followed. He parked on the side, wound down his window, and I came up next to his door. I asked him whether he'd almost hit a bike on that corner over there and he said yes and began to be very apologetic! I was expecting a bit of rage about how us 'bikers' are always 'hooning' around here. Instead, he began talking about how he knows we riders to ride around here alot and that he should've looked again. He said he heard me, looked, saw nothing, looked in the other direction, began to move as the oncoming car was going to pass, then turned back just to see me pass by his bonnet. He apologised again, said I scared the crap out of him and that he was just glad he didn't hit me. I thanked him and apologised for scaring him, and also thanked him for being understanding. Then he complimented me about my bike, and we talked a bit about it, before we each made our separateways.

    So what did I learn from all this:
    1) don't get ahead of myself. That particular corner, and any one where there is a side-street on it, presents the potential for this happening. I'll pick my battles more wisely in future, or maybe just stick to the track.
    2) SRs - ignore them. Over the past year I have slowly built a wall against panicked braking and target fixation during my cornering. That came in handy today.
    3) Finding a gap can sometimes be more important than braking. Although this is dependent on the circumstances at the time, in this particular scenario the gap was the way to go.
    4) Try to talk to the person who almost killed you if you get the chance. It helps to clear your mind and get things off your chest.

    Sorry for the long post, you're doing well if you've managed to get to this point given my rambling. Goddamn that was a close one.
  2. Gotta be friggin careful on the boulevard if you want to have any fun. That's all I'm saying, cos the TAC will have you by the balls. You are pretty lucky he was apologetic, rather than taking your plate and complaining to the police; I'm not judging as I know doing that road legally is just as painful.
  3. First 2 sentences is all I have read and I already know what happened.... I'll find the thread to where this was discussed!

    P.S. - Yup checked the link and it is exactly what we warned about in another thread. That is not the spot to do that speed.

    P.P.S. Thread where we discussed it: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=125988#.TpVHy12aJ4g

    And the comment that was made on that corner (by me admittedly)...

    If you are doing almost twice the speed limit - you can't reasonably expect people will look far enough around the corner on that one.

    Good to hear there were no tears and you handled it well, lets hope it serves as a warning to some others there though ;)
  4. so, merc started to move across your lane. Why did you not brake then and there?
  5. Thanks adprom. I remember reading that just the other day. I was aware of the risk of the side-street, but I was pushing my luck and it ran out. Learnt my lesson.

    It's hard to visualise from my description, but it all happened within a very small distance. The google maps image shows it to be quite a sweeping corner but in reality it's quite a bit tighter than that. I didn't brake when I saw him edging over the line because I thought I could make it. By the time he started fully moving I think my front wheel maybe half a bike length from being in line with his bonnett, so I just kept going for the gap. Hard to describe but it didn't feel like a conscious decision NOT to brake, I just didn't.
  6. Let me get this right. When me and Rusti pull you up at Saturday practice to tell you to get ride of that ridiculous L on the back, you get a big scare. When a car pulls out of a side street and you have a near death moment, you remain calm. Strange. ;)

    Glad to hear you pulled through that Mike. Brown trouser moment.
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  7. has everyone on here gone soft? bloke said he could hear a bike but couldn't see it so he kept going through.

    quick, get your pitchforks!
  8. LOL. It's now the reason why I wear all my gear at Saturday's.
  9. Ride around there a lot, it is in between home and work. Gotta say, I wouldn't suggest anyone carry that much change in their pocket when riding around there, particularly not that corner.
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  10. Depending on the surrounds, that is reasonable. I know of places where you can hear bikes from many hundred metres at least - well over a kilometre by road - and never see them at all no matter how long you wait.
  11. Glad you;re ok.

    "Never ride faster than your angel can fly"

    I heard that somewhere.
  12. Thank for the reminder Doug. She can't fly too fast there, I'll have to remember that from now on.
  13. #13 Rusti_GotRage, Oct 12, 2011
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    I'm still watching you.....


    ....and your L plate....
  14. You can only really see that side-street until you're less than 50m from it on that corner, same goes for the person in the car seeing any oncoming bikes. With $0.90, that's literally a 2 second gap.

    Assuming an assess/react time of ~1 second... good luck.

    Shame about the side street, because it's a sweet corner :p
  15. I've only just worked out what this means.

    Yes, call me slow..
  16. Whats this about not wearing an L plate?
  17. It is refreshing when people are actually happy with being accountable for their actions.

    It is also refreshing when you yourself weren't all hot headed and angry about it and the two of you settled it man to man, pretty much, with much diplomacy and hugs, i assume.

    There are actually people out there who DON'T want to kill us. It's strange, i know.
  18. I know that corner and that stretch of road well Mikey.....as others have said....be careful around there.

    Glad you're ok.......keep your head in it (y)
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  19. I'm sorry, but he didn't. You did.

    You were totally responsible for creating that situation. Sure, he shouldn't have rolled forward, which was probably why he was feeling guilty, and he should have looked right again before moving. But it was you carrying all that change, happily reinforcing the Police's chant of "Speed Kills." While it is a pain in the arse riding that road at 50 Km/h, it is set that way because of the road and traffic conditions, particlulary at certain corners, and near certain tourist or daytripper destinations.

    You want to go that fast, and don't want to be killed. Stay off that road. Simple.

    Flame away. :p
  20. Na,, I agree. That road is fun, but .90 is too fast for that corner. Heavy heavy traffic in and out and people don't look properly. There are a couple of other good sweepers with less hazards, but not that one. Ah well. lesson learnt, no harm done.