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That was close - Logging Truck

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by raven, May 29, 2013.

  1. Bit close for comfort, but no big deal. Deal with it and move on.
    The Truck is negotiating a tight corner and the road's not too wide. No fault on the truckie's side.

    I was filming the bike in front, and we all happened to meet in the same place at the same time. That required the bikes to be somewhere else, rather quickly. :)

    Watch it on youtube for a better video..

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  2. Pretty normal stuff,puts into perspective some of the stupid whingers in this forum.
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  3. Not as bad as the last one...

    Lucky you weren't on the pace though.
  4. A solid 61 the whole time :)
  5. hehe..I'm the jorge Lorenzo of the speedo.
  6. The lead bike should have stopped dead in the middle of the road just after the apex. :clown:
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  7. I'm serious. It may have been a bit different of you were both on it.
  8. now that might make for a nice little read:ROFLMAO:
  9. Probably the main thing which you both get a tiny bit wrong is your cornering line, which I'm really bad at as well on tight corners and would love to hear your thoughts on it is. Start outside and finish off inside, but I often move to the inside faster than I wanted to and end up hogging the centre line a little longer than I wanted to. This seems to be what happens here. You are both in the cornering finishing position well before half way through the corner, which opens you up to situations like this.

    Any thoughts on how to slow the drift from outside to in?
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  10. That was pretty close. That bullbar was occupying the same place as your head was going to. We sometimes get the same here along the old nairne road with some ripper trucks headed put to the copper mine at kanmantoo

    Don't turn your head too early ie looking for the apex and exit. Where you look is where you go.

    And raven have to say I feel sorry for truck drivers through there. Couldnt really blame them as they take up a lot of space
  11. Absolutely Lilley.
    My normal pace is three times the speed we were at.
    But then, I'd have been apexing later as well, and would normally have beem further to my left in the video. So I might have gotten away with it...maybe! :)

    Oh yeah...he was as close to his side as he could get. It just means that his nose will protrude across or onto the centre line.
    But that's ok by me...

    Yes...the cornering was rubbish. :)
    But we were'nt interested in that...I was videoing the guy in front, and having to sit very close to him, to get in close enough for what we needed. (don't ask)
    In most places we had two dry lines (wheel tracks), the rest was sporadically quite precarious.
    The rider in front went for the rh wheel track, and I needed to stagger due to the occasional overlap we had going, left was slippery, right was dryish so I started to ease right more, just as the truck appeared.

    In short...we were all over the place like a mad womans breakfast...and then timing handed us a logging truck right in the middle of it all. That's no big deal...I mean, it was'nt overly dangerous, but it kinda reset our clusterfeck of a ride just at that point. :)

    When I'm just riding, I remain well out to the left, and don't drift in. Riders who drift in are usually getting psyched out by the danger to the left of them. They drift in prematurely to get away from it.

    On sharper corners, it is difficult to watch where you are going, and still be able to keep that lh side near the danger, in your view.
    So I personally turn my head only half way. So I watch look through the corner, but can keep that lh road edge in my peripheral vision. Just to make sure I am following the turn and not running wide off the road. Once I can see the apex/exit point etc, I switch my vision to that, exclusively, and commit to the corner, mate.

    Each corner is different, so we have to remain uncomitted until we are sure. Holding that outside road position, until you see the apex etc, is important.
    (track is different, of course)
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  12. At the 3-4 second mark - does the lead rider's rear tyre step out a bit?
  13. Probably partially what is going on with me. I'm a 99% commuter rider and my twisty riding needs a lot more practice. I still probably only go about 50% of my bikes capabilities through the corners.
  14. Gotta say raven your s1000 has to be my favourite colour. I find the other colours in the range boring. Even the metallic puke green/yellow. But having just paid my bike off and now solely tracking it (with the wifeys permission, race glass and gb covers already coming) I can't wait to get it on track. Haven't had a bike on track for about a year now. Need that adrenalin rush you just can't get from the road.
  15. Looks like it hey.

    And fcuk I love your bike @raven. Glad your head is still attached mate. (y)
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    Last edited: May 30, 2013
    Good video to show how to change your line through a corner.
    That is very be hard to explain to some one new to riding,

    What is never mentioned, Is that trucks or buses, due to the long lengths of them, will be over the white line on our shit skinny and winding roads,
    The front of the truck will be over the line to make sure the rear wheels stay on the road,
    It is not the fault of the truck drivers to be over the white line, They are doing their best to drive safely and also keep their trucks and buses on the road as well,

    You need to make allowances for them, They really aren't out to kill you,

    You can see how close his rear wheels are to the edge of the road, He's a good safe driver, I might add,

    4X4's are another story,
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  17. @raven, I can't see the vid, but is this a road that is frequently used by logging trucks?

    There's a couple of roads up this way I enjoy riding on weekends, but Monday to Friday they are effectively logging roads so I either avoid them or, slow down compared to how I'd ride them on the weekend.
  18. Good reaction and timing!

    Are you 15kg lighter from emptying your bowels?
  19. Looks like the Black Spur, which is used by logging trucks during the week and speed cameras and slow-moving tourists on the weekend.