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That uncomfortable feeling knowing you're going to hit

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by TCShadow, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. is really annoying...

    Riding along in the bus lane on the corner of falcon St and Merlin St in neutral bay i got cleaned up by a car that suddenly turned into my lane from the middle lane... I saw her turn... hit the brakes while thinking this aint gonna be good... and crunch goes the front wheel into the rear passenger side door. I rolled over the top of the bike into the side of the car, sprained my wrist, cracked the back right hand side of my helmet and stood up thinking Goddamnit I really didn't want to drop the damn bike... I'm 3 days away from the end of my P's...

    so here it is... ATGATT people it'll save your life. And if not just your life also your skin, bones and other accessories.

    The lovely girl that "didn't see me" ended up giving me a lift home and the trip to hospital to have the wrist and the rest of me checked out showed no other problems. Not even a graze.

    Now my wrist is sore and my bike is off the road for at least 3 weeks from what I've been told.

  2. was she hot? :LOL:
  3. Glad you're relatively ok.
  4. Are you serious spawn?

    I'm glad you aren't hurt too badly, but your poor bike!

    And so close the end of your P's too!
  5. Nothing against TCShadow, but maplegum get over it. He's alive and relatively unhurt. The insurance company will look after the bike and being so close to the end of his P's has nothing (except showing a lack of experience) to do with it.

    There is an upside, without a bike to ride he's less likely to get done for speeding so won't loose his licence before he gets his full licence and has 12 points to play with.
  6. It's a standing joke on Netrider.

    Glad you're OK TCS. Hope she (or you) was adequately insured.
  7. Which wheel track were you riding in?
  8. Centre of the lane... made no difference she cut directly across the lane because she decided that she wanted to turn into merlin st and was already at the street... so basically she moved her car to block the entire lane and the only thing i could do was wipe off as much speed as possible before i hit. From memory I had 2 car lengts to react and stop... react I did, stop I also did but her car helped with that part.
  9. Good news you were able to apply your stuntman training to roll to safety when you needed to TCS ;)

    b12 I may be wrong but think the "P's" reference from maplegum was referring being close to offloading the LAMS bike for an unrestricted one - but even that may be easier now if the insurance company write it off and TCS gets a full payout which may be more than he would have got selling second hand.

    Along with being able to bank 8 more points of course :D

    At least she helped out with a trip home and to the hospital.
  10. Yes.

    Glad you're ok (wouldn't have joked if you weren't!)
  11. unless there's damage to the bike that's not obvious I can't see it being written off... I was actually shocked at how little damage there was...

    GPX250 scratch along left fairing, broken indicator, bent gear lever but I think that was about it. As far as i could tell in the 5 minutes i had to look at the bike and exchange details etc etc.

    If they did write it off I wouldn't mind but it would be a shame for a pretty good bike... I've had it since 800km on the clock and it was in pretty nice nick... Pretty much still brand spankers.

    Then again 600cc here I come?

    We'll have to wait and see the assessor hasn't called yet.

    Also both of us are fully insured and it was a company car so I don't think there'll be any problems with the payout.

    oh and she was a bit of alright... not smoking but nice :p
  12. You of coarse got her number?????
  13. Glad you are ok.

    Going to ask to see if you can analyze the crash for us, I know that you were in the right but sometimes we can learn to avoid these accidents as well.

    What could you have done differently to avoid the accident. My reading is that she merged on top of you, were you going the same speed or was your lane going faster and she pulled out of a slower lane. Was there an opportunity to pass her still by swerving (you may have target fixated)? Were you buffered away from her in the right wheel track or were you in the left wheel track and therefore didn't have time to react?

    I don't ask the questions to sound rude or callous but often there is an opportunity to avoid an accident and if your insights can avoid someone ekes making the same mistake again (or indeed avoiding it yourself) that would be worth it.

    BTW you can ask for the repair to be paid out in cash, often that amount plus the value of the crashed bike if it's only superficial damage is worth more than the repaired bike. Your call but it's an option.
  14. It sucks ha ha try being a postie. Twice this year already, Almost three.
    Chick pulled out. My mistake I saw her, she was looking at me. In the time it took to go the length of a parked van of no vision of her she jumped out. 20 stitches in the shin and a dislocated elbow.
    A 4WD backed over me when I was putting in the mail. Haviing a fight with his wife and forgot I was there. Only gravel rash.
    And ha ha a guy parked up his steep drive and rushed out of his car. Forgot the brake or to put it in P. Luckily it hit a tree before me and I heard it and rushed off. It took out the mail box.
    Think I have found laghter at myself the best solution. Could only happen to me.
    Glad your ok, hope you can laugh. Its all part of playing motorcyling unfortunately
  15. ... and did you touch her breasts?
  16. This is why it is good to have a sports exhaust on the bike, Louder than stock so they know you are there!
    Glad to hear your alright...

    Dr Drift...
  17. Her lane was completely stationary and I was doing about 50 in a clear bus lane... she simply jumped out to make a quick turn... no hint she was about to pull out, no indicator, nothing i could do but try and slow down as much as I could.

    If I'd been doing only 30k i could have stopped but at the speed I was doing physics was against me. Stickier tyres could have maybe helped... I only have stockies on.
  18. I won't comment on your specific crash, not having been there and not knowing the area. However, I think this highlights something that everyone needs to be aware of and to keep in mind at all times.

    Travelling in a free flowing lane adjacent to a stationary or slow one is a HIGH RISK situation, even if it is a bus lane or is separated by a solid line or whatever. Sooner or later someone will decide to jump across. Or a death-wish ped will make a run for it. Or a cyclist will come down off the kerb without looking.

    Most experienced riders know this (though it doesn't hurt to be reminded occasionally), but it might not be immediately obvious to newbies who haven't yet quite fully grasped that, for many road users, self interest trumps road rules and mirrors don't exist.
  19. I completely agree it is a high risk situation. Unfortunately I thought i was doing a safe speed and I was wrong.
  20. It happens. You walked away and are able to analyse the situation. That's a good (relatively) outcome. No point beating yourself up about it.

    I'm honestly not having a go. Just taking the opportunity to emphasise what I think is an important point, particularly for newish riders.