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VIC That TAC ad will be back soon

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by smee, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. I have seen the billboards going up, one is on the westgate freeway heading towards the bridge From the tunnel.
    Be prepared to be bombarded with that ad again as it is motoGP time.

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  2. There's an optimistic part of me that thinks (hopes) they could be digging their own grave.
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  3. Sorry, did someone say aerosol?
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  4. As in, "TAC are a pack of aerosols"?

    It would be a very great shame if TAC were able to express their counter-productive and dangerous message unchallenged around MotoGP time, wouldn't it?
    In fact it would be a great thing if the whole GP event somehow showed it's contempt for that message.
  5. I was thinking more along the lines of, tarting the signs up a bit!
  6. someone's got to teach all the interstate riders how dangerous 68 is! They should set up a toll at the boarder to make sure that all riders chip in and pay for the excellent advice graciously handed out by the TAC. (or will VP take care of collections for them?)
  7. :?

    The advert that got a pasting from a parliamentary inquiry, going back on air??

    Talk about leading with a glass jaw.

    It's a little known fact that if you find a government organisation's advert confronting or offensive, you can apply to have a copy of the advertising schedule so that you can manage your time and routes to avoid the offensive commercials, magazines, roadsigns and radio.

    ...just saying.
  8. Seems a bit premature to be putting it back on air seeing as the inquiry won't be finished until December. Bit of an 'up yours' to the committee if you ask me... Wonder how impressed they will be.

    As to avoiding the advertising - no, I'll 'listen' to it, and it'll remind me how much of a bunch of w*nkers this lot really are, and never to take them for granted.

  9. perhaps the way we should be doing this is getting hold of the TAC's broadcast schedule, publish it, and boycott the stations/programs when they air?

    seems to work for the alan jones thing...

    edit: oh wait... TAC advertises on netrider.
  10. Does it?? Really? Work blocks banners. FF blocks banners. I had no idea.
  11. the TAC ads on netrider are google ads not paid for ads to netrider. Google ads should be blackbanned
  12. i noticed it the other day and thought WTF.... figured they must be laughing at us.
  13. Wow cant believe they have the balls to bring that back, it is the first piece media that has pissed me off to the point of writing a long winded complaint letter to them, and a very pathetic reply.

    Amazes me that our registration costs are paying for these morons run free with their own ideas without seeking approval/feedback from the community or target audience.
  14. I suspect that that is going to be nothing but a spit ball across the bow compared to what lies ahead.

    So I think I answered my own question. If they have a glass jaw, they have no qualms leading with it because they've lined up the best surgeons and medical team, so that in the end they will come out looking pretty darn good.

    This is TAC consultation.
  15. I wonder if you can get an injunction blocking the ad till the inquiry findings are released?
  16. just to clarify Rob, are you saying that although they suck and it'll be pointed out, nothing will change cause they have "surgeons" etc. to fix/help them? and things are going to get worse for us?

    or are you saying things are going to get worse for them and althought they believe they can get away with it cause of their "surgeons" they're still gonna cop it?
  17. Paint thinner. Pressure sprayer.

    Paint thinner is also quite flammable.
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  18. don't know. but technically advertising standards mean their ads aren't allowed to contain misinformation... if it can be shown they're misrepresenting the truth then the ads should be taken off the air under media laws.... right?
  19. "if it can be shown", which it can't. it's been covered elsewhere.
  20. I was using a metaphor.

    And yes.