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That sticker on the tank

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by TarmacSamurai, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. You know that sticker on the tank that says to read the manual and wear your helmet? I want to take it off, but it's a tough, kinda plastic-y thing. I don't want to wreck the tank paint underneath. What's the best way to take it off and subsequently clean the residue? Any suggestions?

  2. I think you might find that it's under the top varnish coat, and you may do more harm than good removing it :(.
  3. If it's under the clear, then you are stuck with it unless you want to paint the tank.

    If it is on top of the clear, use prepsol, or metho to help dissolve the glue, best to soak it, then gently peel away.
  4. His sticker is on top.
  5. make sure its not under a clear coat.. then use a hairdryer to get it hot and start picking away.. will come off with heat pretty easily..
  6. How do you know?! Are you stalking me!?


    Yep, definitely on top of the clear coat. Prepsol or metho won't damage the paint finish around and underneath the sticker? Likewise with the hairdryer? I'd rather leave it there than risk fecking up the lovely paintwork!
  7. Take an oxy torch to it!!!.............that'll remove the sticker for sure :LOL:
  8. I always thought these stickers were for removing...

    any way... stick the bike out in the sun (during the summer) and the sticker will almost slide away... or over fill your tank and see how it will curl and fall off...

    so basically use a hairdryer and some metho...
  9. I removed plenty of those stickers.. USe a hairdryer and get some heat in to it.. Then you have to pick away at it, but it comes off with some patience. Then give it a polish in that area, ad your done.. :grin:
  10. Sweet. Thanks guys.
  11. Although using a heat gun makes the adhesive less sticky and the sticker easier to remove from personal experience, removing signwriting from loan vehicles at race meetings, all that does is leave the sticky stuff on the paint work although for a small warning sticker it wont take much to clean up.
  12. haha :grin:

    All I did was look at ya profile to see what year model you had.

    I havent yet seen a late model bike which has their sticker underneath.

    Ya wont wreck the paint work dude. Unless you got a Taiwan made bike!

    I didnt use any chemicals.. only sheer thumb power :LOL:

    ie. used fingers to pull/scratch/peel it off, then used hair dryer to get
    the glue off. Didnt use anything else.. & it took aaaages to get it all
    off but got there in the end.. & you wouldnt know there was one there
    to begin with.

    Couldnt find a pic for ya & no bike to take one to show..
  13. I pulled this sticker off my bike yesterday useing a low setting on the heat gun. The sticker come off complete and there was only a small amount of glue left behind. I then dabbed the sticker over the remaining glue left on the tank, and this lifts most of the larger bits off.

    Then wipped it with prepsol and a quick wash with a sponge and shammy dry. Comes up a treat and the bike looks 100% cleaner with them off.
  14. Typical of late model jap bikes to have "motorcycling for idiots" stickers on them...... :LOL: :LOL: :roll:
  15. Dab over the sticker with some metho, sticker should peel straight off, then some bug & tar remover to get the sticky crap off.
  16. You own a hairdryer?? :p
  17. Give it a peel first and then Eucalyptus oil removes sticker residue like a charm...and smells all nice and eucalyptus-sy as well :LOL: