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That sinking feeling. Custom side stand job

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by LongK, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. Did not happen to me , but I've read about it. You park your bike on side stand , walk away , come back and your bike
    is on the ground. I did something about it , I've increased the foot of side stand,10 min job. P1000558.JPG
    Going West I don't know what surface I will park on.


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  2. I carry one of these..

    image. .
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  3. My solution ;)

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  4. ... when they're available...
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  5. The one you have hornethornet , is it permanently fixed in position ?. I've seen them on ebay but wasn't sure if you keep them in your pocket and slip them under the stand when required.
  6. Nope, it's plastic and I carry it in my Ventura Sports bag....
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  7. I don't have to carry, it is fixed (silicon) .
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  8. you can steal them from ps they use them in the shops
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  9. Always liked this style....

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  10. exquisite and pricey (Y)
  11. kickstand kritters.
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  12. Cruel!!!!!
  13. I just shimmed the rear shock on the firestorm and now the sidestand is a bit short. I might bulk it up a bit and widen it at the same time. Two birds with one stone and all...

    The cb400 dug it's stand into some soft bitumin one hot day last summer. Lucky there was a fence to stop it falling way down. The fence didn't like the clutch lever or the left mirror or the left bar grip though. Lesson learned...
  14. I've seen someone use an old children's shoe/sneaker on there (can't find an image though)
  15. ooohh this one looks nice... silver, blue, red, orange available too, $45 inc postage on ebay... I know what I'll be getting next!
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  16. just put this one on bmw sidestand foot 310816 (2).
  17. How's the ground clearance Bn600Bn600 and is that a nail in you tyre?
  18. o_O that's the first thing I noticed to haha.
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  19. Looks like Bn600 is experiencing a different kind of sinking problem...right in the edge aswell, bugger
  20. no difference as far as I can tell, cent stand is just about the same when both up, no nail just crack
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