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That moment....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RussellDP, May 6, 2016.

  1. I haven't been posting much lately, there has been so much going on in my life outside riding, that I just haven't had the energy or the time to do any decent rides. That's not to say I am not riding, as I am now 100% on the bike as my only means of transport ( unless I borrow a car from work to carry heavy or bulky gear ), I am pretty much riding every day to work, and 3-4 times a week doing a run to Numurkah and back as I am currently directing a musical. So I am doing 300 ish K's a week pretty easy at the moment, but none of it inspiring.

    Also had the difficulty of breaking up with the girl to deal with, which has alternately made me want to jump on the bike and wring its neck ( which I haven't, cooler heads prevailed ) and curl up in a fetal position in the corner.

    But then you have a moment.

    When a corner you were originally petrified of at 40 kph becomes a 70 kph corner.

    When you filter and don't come close to contacting another vehicle.

    When the weather is just right, and the helmet ventilation is working and the airflow around you just makes you enjoy the moment.

    When some fcuk cuts you off/swerves out on you/just is generally an idiot and you avoid them and keep your cool

    When you see another rider and nod/wave

    When some random down the street compliments your bike

    When you dream of the next bike, research new gear, or even just spend time cleaning stuff ( note to self - clean stuff more often )

    When you have a mechanical failure and resolve the issue reasonably quickly and cheaply ( see previous posts about exploded motor )

    When you start it up and just get that nice sound of an exhaust burbling away.

    When you get the perfect take off and smooth gear changes.

    Motorcycling forces you to live in the moment. And that's why I love this and really enjoy reading everyones comments, even if I am not posting much.

    Now to start planning for a decent ride with some other Shepparton riders....
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  2. Nice to see you posting RussellDPRussellDP :happy: and great to hear that you find time for a ride, not just a commute. Commuting, like any necessity in life, can be soul destroying.

    And when you feel like your life is spinning out of control, and you are in a dark place, get out there on your bike. Motorcycling definitely gives you plenty of happy moments, even when things don't go your way, and you tend to choose more colourful names for your bike. It puts it all into perspective... Life looks much brighter from two wheels, when you ride, you are in the moment and on top of the world.

    Enjoy riding, keep meeting people and have fun making new friends, stay in the moment. The rest of the life will eventually fall into place (y)
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  3. You never know what life is going to throw at you. But a ride can put a smile on the dial and in that moment everthing eles can wait. And that gives you breathing space. Life will move on and you have not even dreamed what it has waiting for you.
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  4. Well done mate. Riding certainly puts things in perspective. I'm probably up to 45km/h on that corner by now....:)
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  5. I was just happy to read that a cooler head prevails when you feel like getting on the bike to wring it's neck. Riding when you're angry is not ideal, so good on you for being able to achieve that. 'That moment' for me starts with throwing a leg over the bike. The rest of the scenarios are just bonus points.
    Go ride and enjoy those moments. :happy:
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  6. Well written..

    That's what riding is all about..
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  7. Sorry to hear about the missus RussellDPRussellDP, it's hard to stay positive sometimes. I'm glad you've got a (cleaner) bike - everyone spends all of their time in the moment, you can't spend it anywhere else, but when you're on your bike that moment is the only thing that exists. Good on you mate
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  8. I enjoyed that RussellDPRussellDP
    Thanks for sharing(y)
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  9. It sounds like you've had a full plate of things to get through at the moment RussellRussell. Thanks for posting about it - we can never underestimate what can be going on under the surface of each other's lives.

    The thing about commuting - something we enjoy turned into anything but enjoyable. I do like your ability to see the positive things in moments on the bike. There are so many good things - especially the small things - in most of our days that can get missed against the backdrop of a grey time.

    I hope things even out for you soon and a good ride sounds ideal to help that along. I hope the musical goes off well!
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  10. Thanks for sharing the good tips on riding, it's certainly helpful to new rider like me. I have been so afraid of riding as you mix with cars, trucks in the wave of traffic, with your advice in mind, it makes me feel more comfortable.
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  11. Thanks guys for all the positive comments and feedback
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  12. Well written.

    People like yourself sharing your experience enhances the community and reminds us there really is something to this riding business

    Thanks for sharing.
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  13. Fun experience the other day. Teeming with rain, I am in the Dririder rain suit ( totally dry too....bonus ) and just pottering my way to work.

    All of a sudden I change into second, reach for third and .......nothing. Tried shifting again thinking I had missed the gear lever.....nope.

    Quick look down and see the gear linkage hanging off the side of the bike

    Second gear aint so bad, it could have been worse, and then got to work and fixed it during my lunch break.
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  14. I see, I couldn't find your post That moment for my thoughts but I found this and :D That's pretty much where I am aside from the 40km corners (haven't done one at 70 yet and ok I need to become more knowledgeable of the machine itself but yesss! it's just so great to get that feeling of freedom and the randomness of it all!