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That fuzzy feeling when riders help each other out

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MC_Elzee, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Just wanted to send a shout out to the awesome rider who helped me out in peak-hour traffic tonight. On the way to work this morning I noticed I was running on empty. Whoops! Better do something about that. Only I forgot again, until I hit the ANZAC Bridge, and there was no turning back ...

    When I eventually got to a suburban-ish road, I asked a rider I pulled up next to at the lights if he knew where the nearest petrol station might be. 'Follow me and I'll show you', says he. So I tailed him for a couple of Ks, enjoying the silent camaraderie, and even managing to stay with him when a ute with balls dangling off the back swerved in between us.

    Sure enough, he got me on the right path to a petrol station, and I got to enjoy the last part of my ride without wondering how far I might have to push my scoot home ... onya, mate! Riders rock :)
  2. You must be hot! :p

    Haha, j/k! Always willing to help fellow riders out - even scooter riders!
  3. Haha, Justin -- don't hate me coz I'm a scooter commuter -- in my dreamz I have Royal Enfield in the garage :p

    I see you're a fellow inner-westie! Probably park next to you in the Sussex St bike park.
  4. I though a Royal Enfield was a scooter?

    Same power.
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  5. Cheeky, Bitsar ...!
  6. Nothing like dreaming big.
  7. Actually, I park a little further up on Kent St. just past Margaret St., but we probably pass each other on the ANZAC bridge :)
  8. Riding home from work years back, my old RD Lc spit out a spark plug. As I'm standing beside it wondering wtf I'm going to do, ( in the hills past Belgrave) a rider on a sports bike pulls up, has a spare plug under his seat ! ! ! helps me fit it and off he went, rather Lone Ranger like. There IS some kind of brotherhood beneath all the bullshit.
  9. Definitely. Great story, too :)

    Also makes me think I should carry spark plugs ...!
  10. gotta be careful of those utes with balls dude

    yes enough times i have found the hard way that 'reserve' is actually secret code for; 'getthefcuktotheservo'

    last time burned it all at the track and ran out as soon as i got onto the road home
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  11. The 'spare plug" magic is specifically for two-strokes, is your scooter a two smoke?

    When I had my 125 cc Yammie, I always had a spare spark plug in my pocket, and, because I had it, never needed it.

    Which was a good thing, since I had no tools to remove the one plug and replace it with the one from my pocket. ;)
  12. See, this is where I come unstuck, @CrazyCam. Whereas 20 years ago I loved tinkering on my Kwakka Z250C, and even managed to bodgy up an electrical fix one time, I know next to nothing about my scoot. But the ride home tonight ended any chance of me wanting to learn more -- it lost power, started smelling burny and rode really rough. Regret buying the wannabe Vespa from China and will be trading it in for a real bike, stat!
  13. Good decision wth the Chinese scoot mate, They'll be good things in a few years p'raps, but for the present they shit. Bought my son a 250 water cooled 4stroke dirtbike and he got maybe 3-4 months max then it broke bits.
  14. obviously the opposite sex would be the priority of interest o_O