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that bloody homeless cat!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by D Stump, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. as you all know there is a former garbage eating homeless cat who hates all humans called homer in my house. he's going thru an adjustment period.

    he wet the bed the 1st night here and i figure he was frightened and dealt with it as you do.

    i went to the local store to get him a chicken [his fav] but they only had bbq drumsticks left.

    now i THOUGHT that would be ok considering ive seen him eat rotten garbage but OH NO! THAT WONT DO AT ALL! wheres the breast?

    now this garbage eating, sewer sleeping, guitar spraying cat's new found fussiness doesnt end there.

    now, APPARENTLY [achem]


    if you change the brand of cat crappa [litter] in one go he will reject the box. it seems the bed is the hip place to poo. it seems the box isnt comfortable enough for him.

    what a strange, strange, cat! maybe a bit of rotten garbage will make him feel more at home :LOL:
  2. Lol.

    I'm thinking at this point - you sh1t in my bed, you wont eat my food.... well maybe you dont want to live in my house....
  3. Do you think he's trying to tell you he's the boss and is asserting his authority Jax?

    He just wants to have you run around and clean up after him :p
  4. There is no cat so fussy that a piece of lead to its head at high velocity cant fix the problem.
  5. +1

    although our "little princess" :roll: has never done anything like that. Shes actually pedantic about only going in the litter tray. If she gets out she actually comoes home to do her business :LOL:

    so she's safe for now.
  6. Our cat will make sure he uses his litter tray before he goes outside....Great, thanks Jessie, too prescious to do it outside!!!

    He is an extremely fussy eater. We cannot find a tin food he actually likes and will eat, I have put milk in his bowl which he will not drink, he will only eat the Whiskers dry food. We tried him recently on another brand and he refused to eat it. He will just sit looking at his bowl meowing even though it is full (with the wrong brand of cat food). Change the brand over and he scoffs it down.

    I also think we are at the stage where we might have to start measuring his food.
  7. I thik our cats are related :LOL: you just decribed ours except ours is a girl....or was before a trip to the vet.
  8. Drew,

    Ours was a boy..... We got him from the RSPCA about 12 months ago now. His is now all of 18 months old and we could not have picked a more child friendly tolerant cat.

    We have a nearly 6yo daughter and nearly 4yo son. The daughter just wants the cat to sit/sleep with her, whereas if the cat gets within the swinging range of any object the boy is holding or his legs, then the cat had better watch out. Fortunately, the cat is awake to him and he has missed the cat everytime.

    The cat has never scratched anyone (except me, but that was play fighting) and has put up with so much from my children.
  9. ours is rather docile too.. she does et a bit hissy if you push things to far but shes never bitten or scratched anyone other than playing.

    life is to good to her i think..spends all day sleeping on a bean bag in the lounge
  10. We moved house once with our 2 cats and they were never the same. Went totally neurotic. Pissing in wardrobes and under beds :evil:

    You can NOT get that smell out... and in the wardrobe - that's where your clothes are!
    We got rid of them and got new underfelt & carpet the same weekend.

    Ever since then, if a pet cat of mine takes a whizz anywhere without a damn good reason [no litter tray, locked in, etc] it'll be the $40 green needle at the vet's pronto.
  11. sounds like a dud cat to me!

    our Mr. Grumbles doesn't have any hangups, eats whatever you give him, goes in his box no probs, even with a litter changeover when i found a better product, has been moved twice this year so far (with a third time on the horizon next week) and once he's done a perimeter scout settles right in. Doesn't ever put his claws out when playing, really soft play bites which turn into a lick... best cat in the world!

  12. Our cat eats outside, sleeps outside and dumps/slashes outside.

    She's a night prowler and insists on being let out if we forget. Never slashed or dumped inside the house.

    She's fussy about her tucker but the way I see it is that if she's hungry enough she'll eat it! What she doesn't eat by the next day the dog will take care of.

    Great not to have litter trays or cat food inside the house - specially with a 19 month old running around!
  13. This is what the cat puts up with:

  14. 2loo i am appalled!

    new house, scared cats, strange ONE OFF behavior and *poof*? what are you gunna do if you dont like ya children?

    [oh my!]


    so guys, do you think im crazy? you think there's not enough room in this world for homer?

    i realize there's a reason why he's homeless. still, you cant just dump an animal cause they're inconvenient.

    when it comes to people im the fist to say when they dont messure up, but his is an animal! he's not evil [well, the parts that stay attached anyway]. he's never raised a paw at me which is pretty impressive since he's obviously been hurt by people.

    homer deserves a life he's never known.

    i deserve poo on my bed [dont ask why] :LOL:


    i think it would be selfish of anyone not to acept problems that come with another life form. HE'S NOT A TOY.

  15. It's not deserve it's desire.

    We know about your fetish now....
  16. woehoe!

    good one! :LOL:

    that reminds me of a true, funny tale. a guy went back to a chicks flat after meeting at a night club one night. they were wasted. she was a young innocent blond girl, seemed very normal etc.

    anywho, he had a gastric bug which he chose to ignore. during coit she went for the ring after getting his approval. unfortunately his bug got the better of him and burst forth.

    he appologized and ran to the loo to clean up. when he returned she was rolling in it with the 'ooo, arhh, mmm, arh, mmm, oo, ahh' etc.

    she was a cop and under the impression he was too [must av thought her dreams came true]. he almost puked at the sight of her and ran for the hills.

    i wonder if she'll jump to that assumption again :grin:
  17. Rofl.

    Trust you to have experience on that one.

    Now, was she a true blonde or was it you in a previous dye job?
  18. ok ok, lay of the whole 'stumps a cop' now.

    of course it was REAL blond! a brunette would jump to that conclusion, even if she was wasted!