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Thar she Blows!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BitSar, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Well - that was an interesting morning commute into the office!

    Extremely windy out there guys - unpredictable gusts....

    Be careful - and think about where you park today (y)
  2. I did it on a bicycle. It sucked. Like riding uphill the whole way,
  3. Dammit i forgot to put my bins next to my neighbours car...
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  4. I did the pushy sprint this morning before work.....

    On the way out - wind at my back - ~40-48kmh.....pushing a bit, not too much

    On the way back - wind at my head - ~25-30kmh......pushing like a c^nt on the drops the entire way home grinding and grinding.....and I am a spinner!

    I hate low cadence.........so do my knees ](*,)
  5. Gold! :demon:
  6. It is rather windy, was pushed a lot over the Westgate...
  7. I finally scraped a peg for the first time! Unfortunately I was on the Pakenham bypass / freeway at the time. :shock:
  8. You ride each morning, dont you? You're crazy! :D

    I dont know how you do it? I can only manage 2 gym sessions a week.

    All good though.

    And yeah...too windy on the way to work. Bike was ok though.
  9. I try to get out every morning before work (20 km sprint, nothing too extreme) - weather pending.
    If it's raining heavily I don't ride the pushy - rain only leads to two things on a pushbike: 1 - punctures, 2 - crashes.......obviously I still ride the moto in the rain :D
  10. Took the car today. Mum warned me not to take the bike and the last time I didn't listen to her, it began pissing rain and I had a slide, so not going to tempt fate again haha 8-[
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  11. Yeah cos the alternative would be to actually learn how to handle the wet conditions, and that's the last thing your mum probably wants...
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  12. play nice, I've only had my bike for 2 months. I'm still learning...
  13. And the best way to learn is to do.
  14. you will be a much better rider in the long term if you learn how to handle wet conditions early
  15. Oh I have been going out in the rain quite a bit since I bought some wet weather gear, and it's actually pretty fun (before my visor begins to fog up). Just thought the strong wind might be a bit much for me
  16. Do whatever your comfortable with. Don't let others push you into situations you're not up to yet.
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  17. I don't mind pouring rain, but gusty wind shits me. I took the 4WD today!!!

    Out of interest, what techniques do you use, in strong winds?

    I find gripping with the knees, and dropping down a great or two, and riding at higher revs worrks for me. Also, riding with a full tank - every kilo helps with stability!!!

    Anything else?
  18. I just follow my instincts
  19. I lean into the wind rather than push the bike into it. Seems to work and allows me to counter quickly when the wind suddenly stops. Going straight while hanging off the bike does happen sometimes though...
  20. I try to take cues from the surrounds as to what the wind is up to. Relatively easy to do in the country, not so easy in the city.