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Thar be wind off the port quarter last nigh yah scurvy dogs

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Sep 1, 2005.


    Peoples!! Next to Fathers' Day, (another shameless grab for sales by greeting card manufacturers) the next important day in the calender is September the 19th.
    It's International "Talk Like A Pirate" Day!! AARRR ye scurvy lubbers, ye be readin' about it here, me hearties....

  2. Ya orta be swung from the yardarm.

    Why shiver me timbers, I reckn ya orta be keelhawled.

    Avast there ya scurvy lubbers.
  3. Big day for Fireblade owners..

  4. Daaarrr, what's this post? I bin standin on th starboard bow, lookin for treasure.
  5. Marrrrrk it in ye calendars ye scury swabs!!
  6. Yo ho ho and a bottle o' rum!

    where be that cabin boy?
  7. arr

  8. Anyone know a good P2P programs which give you decent download speeds without having to upload too much at the same time?

    Oops, wrong Pirate :)
  9. Pirate2Pirate???

    :roll: :roll:
  10. GARRRR! Yarr

    sept 19 be a fine day for a keel haulin, drinkin rum and chasin lusty pirate wenches

  11. Hey echo, mi'lad, you know where there BE any lusty pirate wenches, arrrr???
  12. Don't worry about the wenches, where's the TREASURE????
  13. *puts up hand tentatively* umm, can women be pirates? Or do they just get chased around??
  14. HEY if echoball's profile is ridgey-didge, is he the youngest Netrider member? He's certainly too young to be thinkin' about lusty pirate wenches!!
  15. Yarrr! Gaaarr I surely does. Hopin to get me one at the King of Tonga on said evening, lookin fer one that'll shiver me timbers!
    Discount beer to those who speak in pirate we believe...
  16. Polly wanna cracker?
  17. Yer right, and vic really is 99 years old :p ....what? he is?? Oh :shock:

    Sorry just been informed that he really is 99 years old.....in cynicism :LOL:
  18. Arrr, of course ye can, as long as ye be up for scuppering brigs and lots of drinkin'!!
  19. An cussin, an lootin, an womanisin, yarr, ye be a pirate matety! :D
  20. errr... I don't think firefling be goin' to be doin' any womanisin'. me hearties.