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Thankyou Willzah!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mbikeboy, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Just wanted to say a massive thanks to Willzah for his help lastnight! You're a top bloke and I can't thank you enough mate! :D

    While out on the bikes lastnight, a friend who's just started riding had a minor off at a set of lights while trying to brake for the yellow rather than continue through which was the better choice. Result was a front-end lock-up and minor lowside, with very minimal damage thankfully. The lights were green when I went through and she was a short distance behind, and suddenly she was nowhere. I figured she'd been stuck at a red light, so I coasted along checking my mirror for a few blocks waiting for her to catch up.

    The next thing I know, I'm waiting at a set of lights and some guy jumps out of a car, runs up screaming at me that she's come off and to turn around right away! He jumps back in his car and drives off giving me no more info. I totally freaked out not knowing what had happened, if it was a bad fall, if she'd hit anything, or what...definitely not a good feeling!

    I give the bike full-stick heading back fearing the worst, and thankfully see the Ninja upright beside the road and rider standing upright. Whew! As I pull up, some guy tells me "hey you look familiar", to which I'm thinking the very same thing...yep it was Willzah! :D

    Thanks so much for stopping to help out with everything mate, you had everything under control in a matter of minutes and a roll of tape ready to go! I would have preferred to have caught up under better circumstances, but hopefully we'll catch up on tuesday if all goes to plan. :)
  2. dont forget the vic roads guy and the other 2 guys who got outta their cars.

    New NR meet/crash point, outside my house hahaa
  3. Willzah,
    Haven't met you yet..but you're a legend :applause:
  4. good thing for the leathers, otherwise i woulda had to have given the first aid kit a work out & prolly give my bike a friend to sleep with in the garage.

    always wear your gear children
  5. Well done willzah :woot:
    Hope the other rider is ok and not deterred at all from continuing on
  6. Well done Willzah !
    You're a CHAMP !
  7. well they were heading to dinner, so she continued on, a little shaken, swelled up pinky, scratches on face of helmet and knuckles of gloves, and prolly a sore body the next morning. leathers were fine. and she got her first scrape ont he knee slider :LOL:

    i hope she isnt detered, she said see you on Tues night ride to be before i went home, poor girl only had the bike for a week
  8. I made sure she bought a full set of the top riding gear for this very reason...it's inevitable that something like this was going to happen, and usually it'll be in the first few weeks. You have to give yourself every chance, and as you correctly pointed out, not wearing the gear would have ended far worse for her.

    I had a good look at her gear the following morning, and the helmet only has a couple of very minor paint chips from where she's rested her face on the ground after the fall, and hasn't actually 'hit' the ground, so it's fine. The Dainese's are unmarked (apart from the knee slider), and coming away from the drop with only a bruised pinky (lever pinched it against the left bar) is a brilliant outcome. She pulled up fine with no other injuries or soreness thankfully! :D

    We had a good chat about it over dinner, and we continued riding for the rest of the night, managing another 80-odd klm's to get her confidence and trust back in the bike. She's got her mojo back and isn't deterred by the drop, so we'll be out for a ride tuesday night. :D
  9. Well done mbikeboy !
    The perfect support and encouragement anyone would need after such an event.
    ANOTHER legend !!!
    (...so many of us in these forums :cool: )
  10. i think she really would have been fine if the anti-skid material was relayed back there. (it was removed by chaddy cuz they widdened middle road and left warrigal rd intersection in the sh*ts)

    that and the use of engine braking (gearing down) would of helped, but she is a newb and will learn from this