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Thankyou to all the good people

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by plaidler, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. Last saturday i crashed the dr650 on taralgo rd bout 25k from goulbourn.

    I came off on a corner doing bout 100kph. I had a microsleep approaching the corner and woke in the apex.
    I knew i was stuffed and aimed the bike into ditch/channel parallel to the road. It kept me from slamming into anything i guess and i travelled for a bit than hit something that flipped me over.
    I managed to roll off what i landed on get my helmet off and just curled in a ball in massive pain.
    It seemed people stopped pretty quick and in particular an off duty paramedic was beside me in a few min i think.
    Focusing on her voice helped a lot and whoever you are out there thankyou so much.

    Im currently in canberra hospital with 5 broken ribs on right side with 2 broken in 2 places, a snapped ankle which is now in a moonboot after surgery and slight liver and lung damage.
    Im at a point where i can sit up and swing to the side of the bed, but i cant do anything unassisted as yet.

    The crash happened because I made the wrong decision to keep riding knowing i was tired.
    I accept it and honestly cant wait to get back on the cruiser though im questioning weather to risk more injuries adventure riding on the dr where incidents hapoen a lot more.

    Im in good spirits having small victories everyday. I'll heal just fine.

    The people that stopped, organised an ambulance and tow truck and looked after me restore your faith in the world and i can't thank them enough.
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  2. Gosh..... You at one very VERY lucky man plaidlerplaidler! Great job staying alive. You would've been pretty tired to switch off like that approaching a corner! And thank goodness you had help, and qualified help at that, so quickly. Looks like your skill and circumstances helped you survive this. Heal well and take your time to get to full strength.
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  3. Recover well mate. All the best
  4. Sorry about your off plaidlerplaidler, things can happen very quickly and catch us out, lucky you weren't on your 9, heal up quick
  5. yeah get well mate
    i wont berate you
    so i will get some one else to
  6. im only joking
  7. Sorry to hear this mate but from the sound of it you have a road to recovery. Yours is a good reminder that we can all make bad decisions on fatigue. It creeps up on you. all the best.
  8. Wow, lesson learnt - best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.
  9. I swear any minute my flatmate who rides is gonna take a selfie riding around on my boulevarde and send me pics.

    It is certainly a lesson learnt. I had my cpap machine bought down which ive never used before as ive been using the hospitals to keep oxygen in my lungs whilst asleep. It was observed i had sleep apnea by hospital staff which i kinda knew.

    My left side, neck, spine and head are all injury free from the crash so im lucky as hell.
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  10. WOW talk about a guardian angel
    hope you heal well and the recovery & insurance is an easy process.
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  11. After reading your description of what happened and your injuries I'm very glad to also read that you have every expectation of healing well, plaidlerplaidler!

    At this stage, do you know how long it will be that you'll be in hospital?
  12. Glad to hear that you're ok.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery...
  13. Wow that's a big off but a big let-off too!!!

    Broken ribs: don't let them give you too much coedine, you know what it does!!!!!
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  14. Far out....glad you are ok? sounds like a nasty off. Get better soon and good to hear you are still in high spirits !!!
  15. Speedy recovery mate!
  16. Take it easy on yourself plaidlerplaidler , sounds like you got off pretty lucky for the speed you were going. Be patient with yourself and your recovery. We will be here to talk crap through the day with you xxx
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  17. #17 plaidler, Oct 9, 2016
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    2 equal and valid reasons not to crash


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  18. Man can not live on dry chicken....where the hell is the gravy???? wait is that custard?:hungry:
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  19. No one ever eats the green jelly....
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  20. I'd be more worried about the custard. Not much an industrial kitchen can do wrong to jelly.

    Be glad they took you to Canberra not Goulburn. When I got discharged from Goulburn still barely able to walk, the police advised me to get checked out by a doctor as soon as I got home. Hopefully it's improved since then.

    Not much to say about falling asleep except don't do it again - but you know that! Glad you got off lightly (or at least with less damage than you might).