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Thankyou Thread

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Funkmonkey, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. Well we have a rant thread and a near miss thread.... how about we balance it out a bit and thank those that have gone out of their way to actually look after us?

    Ive got 2 to start with!
    Thankyou to the bloke in the MR2 this morning who while i was lane splitting coming up point cook road to the roundabout at central ave, saw me coming, and moved well out of the way so i could get past. He didnt have to, i was going to stop!!! He got a big thumbs up from me!

    Also a big thanks to the lovely bloke at the Shell Service station in Warburton for the free coffee last week when i did my Mt Donna Buang cruise, after i came in asking about minimum eftpos and whinging about having wet balls. Fella felt sorry for me and wouldnt let me pay for the coffee! THANKS BLOKE!
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  2. Thank you to any random person who has or will spared a moment of their precious lives looking out enough to notice me at a time that i was incapable of or incompetent to look out for myself.
    You avoided an accident between us when i either messed up, or wasnt paying enough attention and near managed to cause an accident myself. For that i thank you, my family thanks you, and whoever is anywhere who means anything at all to me also thanks you.

    No im not taking the piss, i just want to get in first, where any other random member of the public saves my or any of your asses when i/we havent been aware or observant enough to save it ourselves.
    It happens to the best of us, the worst of us, and everyone in between at times, and as much as we all hate to put our lives at the mercy of others from our own farkups (its my personal hate so far as motorcycling is concerned), all of us have likely been in that position from both sides of that coin.
    Thanks. Really. I mean it.
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  3. Phew, ok... lol...
    My instance is simply running wide on a corner not long after i first starting riding, and the car coming toward me had the presence of mind to cut inside me on the wrong side of the road. Me i shat my pants and froze and held the line to head on impact and oblivion.
    If i had been able to find where in hell he disappeared to after a few seconds (perhaps as many as 30), that day i would have shaken his hand and perhaps made a friend. Cheers random dude in the gray car.
  4. Ok you guys with your thank yous are ruining our tough bikie image, how am i supposed to scare unsuspecting motorists now when they think we are all flowers and lollipops.
  5. Oh crap didnt think of that. Close the thread mods!

    Nice one tho Mr Messy!
  6. My tough bikie image is a bit shaky anyway.
  7. Lol... might have had an enlightened moment last night.
  8. My "tough bikie image" dissolves at about the same point I actually come into proper view...
    As for "thanks", I dish them out on the road in the form of a wave, thumb-up or a "V for victory", where appropriate.
    It's like training a dog: praise them immediately if you want the behaviour repeated...
  9. Thank you to the people who have pulled over, or gone to pull over, when I've been off to the side of the road. Usually, your help hasn't been needed, and I've given you a wave and a wave off, but thank you anyway.

    Also thanks to all the experienced riders that have gone out of their way to help noobs. As the noobs themselves gain experience, they pay it forward. Thanks guys.
  10. Thank you to the guy in the van who asked if I was okay and said "be careful" when we were both level at the lights in the pouring rain. It's good to know people like that exist!
  11. +1 Special shout out to Doug & Dave for organising the Saturday sessions and for all the helpful advice, and in my case thanks to Goddie for his escort services and advice. Also, thanks to all the people who take the time to pen their thoughts and advice here for the less experienced riders to read, and for those who have the patience to respond to all the n00b questions with respectful and useful advice. You rock.
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  12. Thanks to the carpenter/tradie who pulled over to help me load my immobile bike onto the trailer. Out of his own stock he built a makeshift ramp and helped me tie the bike down to the trailer (more accurately I helped him tie the bike down). Wouldn't even let me pay for it. Legend.

    Also to the guy in the truck who wanted to warn me of the dangers of splitting standstill traffic, thanks for your concern. I hope you enjoyed the traffic jam. :biker:
  13. I was thinking of doing a thread like this recently!

    I'd like to thank the academy, and the asylum, for letting me out.
  14. ^^^ i think that need to go in the rage thread dude
  15. As do i. However, we biatch and moan about shit drivers on here where they wont see it so i figured its about time we started praising those doing the right thing. just my humble onion anyway.
  16. Agreed:
  17. I have to say bikers are normally pretty polite. When I do take my cage and make the effort to pull over in standstill traffic to let them through, I almost always get a nod or a wave from them.
  18. Speaking of which, sunday I was lined up behind about 5 car lengths of traffic waiting to cross whatsmatta road right opposite deus. Everyone was either turning left or right and I wanted to go straight across. Anyway there was a nice split down the middle of the two lanes for me to filter down except that the car in front of me was blocking it. He must have seen me looking down the center because before I knew what he was doing he had pushed his car right to the outside line and made a massive gap for me to filter down. Man I was grinning from ear to ear, he wouldn't have been able to see it because I had my full face helmet on but I made up for it by practically laying down on my tank to get to his level and pretty much head banging my nods of appreciation.
    Its the first time during my time riding that I have seen a cager make moves to support a rider. I reckon he must have been a rider or ex rider him self but I rode the rest of the way home with a massive grin on my face, it seriously made my weekend.
  19. Thankyou to every single driver who used the turn out lanes down Great Ocean Road this afternoon. Every single one of them got a thumbs up or a wave from me. I love that road.

    *Edit* Also thankyou to the three harley convoy just before Apollo Bay who waved me past. I didnt want to just go flying past them lol.
  20. thank you black 4WD man who decided to headcheck at the last minute after he started to change lanes from the outside to inside and stopped when he spotted me. I thought I was gone.