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Thankyou Southbank Netriders...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by norseman, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. A quick thankyou note to my new mate The Godfather for his introduction to me of the Friday afternoon gathering of Netriders at Melbourne's Southbank riverside precinct.

    I didn't know it even existed and enjoyed the company of a broad cross section of fellow riders. Looking forward to make it a regular.

    (At which juncture of course the missus asks upon my arrival home three hours late(r): "I assume that this is not going to become a regular Friday thing rather than coming home to your wife and children...?" "Of course not!" says I, mumbling "...fortnightly, probably..."). :cool:

    See you next fortnight, netriders.

  2. Get the young'ns baby sat and bring the lady along! Two problems solved with one action!
  3. Don't thank them yet, wait till you get the it's me or them line hahahaha :LOL:

    I lose my hubby most Friday night to South Banks grrrrr :twisted:
  4. Could be worse, he could be 101 worse places. Since I started going to Southbank coffee night i found it more interesting than other places I could have went.

    All the girls that stop and throw themsleves on me because i ride a bike and they think its cool.......well Im still waiting for that to happen but at lest I dont have to pay to look....

    :grin: :LOL:
  5. True he could be at the bike shop spending money :LOL: :LOL:

  6. Umm.. Did I miss something?

    UR on Netriders, have a bike, and a "hubby" who goes to Southbank on fridays..............

    You can't say "friday night... race you to southbank, last one buys the first coffee!"

    Or does the miserable sod leave you behind to look after the ankle biters?
  7. Norseman, I too went to Southbank for the first time on Friday night. Husband came as well. We had a good time, is always fun to talk bikes to people. So thanks to everyone I chatted to for being so welcoming, when time allows we will back.
  8. 748girl,
    I was going to come to coffee.. but went ten pin bowling instead! Sorry I missed you :( Next time though :grin:
  9. CBC that's okay, would have been nice to hear all about the new Monster, but I thought you might have been on shift. Drop me a line when you are next going in and I will try to make it.
  10. His names Dan :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    you silly man , you dont realise what you are getting yourself in for .
    we allways go easy on new comers , then once you have been a few times then your in for it :LOL: