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Thankyou - rack bolts stolen

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Whippet, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. My sincere thankyou goes to the fcuker who has taken my (second set) of ventura rack screws :applause:

    Go and buy your own you cheap prick

    If i catch you stealing the next lot... I do believe your balls will make a fine meal for my hungry dogs :evil:
  2. Get the fcuk outa here!! fcuking lazy mofo's!


    Get along to ASAP engineering on Blackshaws Rd Altona North with the bike and they'll sort you out right away - don't forget to get a lock nut or lock wing nut... or give me a day and I can sort it out for you.

    What a PITA!!
  3. yeah I hate that I had just put some cheap bolt in coz they kept going missing.
  4. thanks Rob :) I'll head out there tomorrow before work.

    thanks Skzill....it was a cheap replacement! Obviously stolen by an equally cheap person
  5. to steal from a mans / womans bike is not just a cause for a ball sandwich.. im sure the dog would like a sausage also... if the f*cker has one.
    bastards i say.
  6. :LOL:

    I suspect my dogs will still be hungry....
  7. starving i guess :LOL:
  8. Don't hold back now Jen, tell us how you really feel. :twisted: :LOL:

    It is one of the dilemas of riding a bike, isn't it. Anywhere you park a bike, people have total access to it, see what you have, and take bits, or even just push the bike over easily.

    I guess that is at least half the reason motorcyclists maintain a tough disposition, and a strong brotherhood. Mess with one, mess with us all. (Even if it was a motorcyclist who took the bits. They would now be excommunicated.)

    Anyway, I am not familiar with the bolts in question, but it should be possible to get replacements that require a special tool to remove (which you could easily carry), or perhaps drill a protruding bolt end and wire it on, so that it was much more difficult to remove. See if ASAP engineering can figure something out for you.

    PS: There should be more castrations for offences like these. :LOL:
  9. I can attest to the observation regarding Jen's hungry dogs... and just for special measure, the offender should be copiously licked by the one Loz affectionately named "shit lips". :LOL:

    Good idea with the wiring on Roderick. Gonna look into that for my bike's rack.
  10. i dont care if i havnt met these dogs but the image i just got will stay with me forever... would be nice to see them licked by sh!t itself..
  11. Wow, that's a bit average. Aren't they those things that you need a special key to undo? Although I suppose a set of pliers or multigrips would do the job.

    Rob's got it in one: tie shit-lips to your bike out the front and lay out a fresh pile of turd each morning. Future thieves will be recognisable by their war paint.
  12. Loctite #262 is your friend. It needs plenty of heat to remove it.
  13. what an A$$hole..

    that would piss me off something feirce
  14. :rofl: thanks for the laughs guys

    i've just come home to empty curry containers on the lounge room floor - seems like the perfect time to get shit lips into action :wink:

    they will eat anything

    asap....top of the list for tuesdays jobs.

    thanks again :grin:
  15. Remind me not to cross you Jen :eek:hno:
  16. My feminine, quiet, calm exterior is just smoke and mirrors :wink: :LOL:
  17. Shit lips, that's a great name for Bella and Stevie, applied whenever they're having a rummage.

    Now let's see. Damage for the week:

    1 wallet
    1 licence (chewed) - contained in wallet
    1 Visa card (chewed) - ditto
    1 Sennheiser bud earphone (only one side was chewed. Now mono)
    4 Tealights (appx time to enter and exit - 12hrs. They don't metabolise either)
    1 pack of sugarfree lollies
    1 pair of cycling/mtb gloves

    They also like a really nice book I've been reading. Especially the spine of the book. Chewed very nicely.

    Now the lollies went in and out and they are interesting. They'd make the average humans digestive system go haywire if eaten in 1 minute, but a 12.5kg Beagle..well, it was fun this morning.
  18. that's one crazy (expensive) list :shock:

    I've had a much cheaper day by comparison....thanks Cejay :dance: :wink:
  19. Thats disheartening, overseas they cut your hands off for being a thief, lets write to Mr Rudd..
  20. RoderickGI said:

    From Jen's threats it sounds like they could be ex a few more things than that.