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thankyou, if you are out there (on here)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Lobsta, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. thought i would share an experience that happened to me today that gave me hope that not all riders are the super-speeding, wheelie popping, puppy shooting, baby eating demons that you try so hard to be...

    caging it today around garden city, and noticed the lane to my right was moving slower than mine, so was expecting someone to dart out. sure enough, a 4wd pulls out ahead of me making me and the sexy black R6 behind me (that i had noticed a set of lights ago) to rack on our brakes. kept going, trying to catch eye contact with the driver who had merged out of my lane again, but being a big 4wd, the top of my little Accent was barely at the height of its windows.

    anyway, at the next set of lights, i pull up right next to the 4wd, and the driver (female, total soccer mum) avoids eye contact with me. i see the r6 pull into the gap i had left it beside me (been making an effort to do this since i got into bikes), and was expecting it to split to the front, but the rider stops between me and the 4wd, knocks on her window and starts talking to the driver, pointing at my car, his bike, the last intersection and the 4wd obviously telling the driver that perhaps her decision to pull out was not the brightest... anyway, she doesnt look too pleased, but a bit bashful. and the rider flashes me a big thumbs up, pats my bonnet and still has time to split up to the front and take off in a cloud of sexy revs and shiny blackness.

    if this rider is on the forum here, thanks a bunch mate, you made my week, and there should be more out there like you.

  2. what a top bloke
    fkn sweet!
    score :grin:
  3. You're in the 'brotherhood' now bro!!!!.

    Spread some of that good stuff, an the karma will flowwwww

    (unintentional limmerick, but I like, I like!!)

  4. ahahaha awesome post :) nice story...
  5. Aw nice story! Top man to, shame in his choice of manufacturer :p Just kidding, they're all great.

  6. nice work there. power to the people eh.. take the two left wheels off your car and balance and there you go.. instant bike..
  7. *pats the bonnet* Watch the paint job mate, some of us still admire our cars. Hehe.

    Champion. There should be more like him out there..
  8. nah, its a hyundai accent... korean engineering mate, i would be more worried about the wheels falling off from a pat on the bonnet. haha

    hmm, probably wasnt from the forum, considering the general feelings toward korean vehicles on here :p :LOL:

  9. Fair enough, if i see you out then il walk over the roof of your car just to say hello, lol.
  10. Agree with the above posts, there should be more people like that getting around.
  11. did he get her number?
  12. +1 was she hot? :LOL:
  13. not really, but her daughter (in the passenger seat) kinda was...
  14. shoulda went for it anyway.
  15. :worthlesspics: :LOL:
  16. What a Top Bloke !!
    Nice Story :)