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Thankyou......and an update.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dale, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. Well I've sorta put this off, as I wasn't sure how to put it into words. But here goes........

    Firstly, a massive thankyou to all that have attended Cat's funeral in Tassie, the memorial this evening, and everyone that have sent emails/flowers/cards/messages full of support and best wishes. The support given by everyone has been incredible.

    Secondly.....well......let's just say I was stunned over the response to the fighting fund. Thankyou to all who contributed. It is already being put to good use. Which brings me to an update.

    An emergency court hearing was held when we were still in Tassie. I won't go into specifics of the hearing itself, but to make things short, interim residency (residency is the new word replacing "custody") orders were granted in my favour, with access provisions setup for William to see his bio-dad during school holidays.

    From here we look at going into mediation to try and agree on a permanant set of orders. If we can come to an agreement then it all just gets rubber stamped by the courts. *fingers crossed*

    As far as day-to-day life goes, William is going to school and enjoying Grade 2, and I have returned to work. I used to work shift work, but my managers were fantastic and asked me what hours I wanted. So I am back to Mon-Fri, 9:30-5:30, which works around William and his schooling very well.

    Also I finally received the death certificate so I can now start the ball rolling on a few things. Everything had pretty much been in limbo until now. It's arrival means I can start chasing up a few avenues to hopefully help secure my and Williams futures.

    So once again, a huge, heartfelt thanks to you all.

  2. whatever we can do...
  3. Great to hear that William is with you Dale, that's really good news.

  4. Your strong willed nature will see you pull thru... eventually

    Catch U round @ work sometime mate :wink:
  5. You've done an incredible job coping Dale, I suspect I wouldn't have done half as well... keep your chin up and we hope to catch up soon :)

    Geoff and Jodz.
  6. More power to you, dale. I am certain everyone feels the same in the "Just yell if we can help in any way" sentiment.
  7. I sincerely hope everything in your (both of you) future is brighter, safer, and happier than anything in your past.

    best wishes.
  8. Indeed, Dale, we're all hoping for a just and fair outcome for you and your surviving family. Against the background of our small trials, your situation is not far from our thoughts......
  9. Dale i am So Very Happy for You and Will :applause:

    I am amazed you have the certificate so fast this is Brilliant News :applause:

    [-o< my brothers Certificate took 9 months

    and his estate was 15 months

    mum and dad had a hell of a time :facepalm:
  10. Good to hear things are working out and your work has been very supportive.
    Was an honour to be part of the rider escort at the funeral and to be at the memorial yesterday.
    Remember anything u want just holler.
  11. So glad to hear that a few things have gone your way Dale.

    Your strength so far is an inspiration to me. Take care. :)
  12. Some positive news, thats great Dale. Surely things can only improve from here on.
    All the best with the final outcomes.
  13. Glad to hear the news so far. I'm sure you know we'll do anything in our power to help if needed :)
  14. I admire how you're handling it all Dale.

    I'd be a babbling mess for at least a year :(
  15. The only real comforting advice that I could ever give in these situations is that time is a great healer.

    20 years ago this year, I lost both parents within a month of each other. Then, 3 months later, my youngest brother was killed in a car crash. Talk about your annus horribiluses. But, hard as it was, as time went by the pain gradually subsided. It's always there, but in the background, if you know what I mean. My brother would've been 40 this year. God knows what sort of life he would have had for himself by now.

    Dale and William have a future to face together, and from what I've seen, it looks promising. We can only hope that things go well for them. They deserve that much, at least.
  16. Glad to hear things are starting to work out, you are a true inspiration to a lot of us.

    Just love when things look great for the future.