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Thanks ..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by greenrider, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Thanks to who ever you were this afternoon that stopped to see if I was ok after my trusty CB let me down for the first time. I was on the Western Ring Road on my way home and she started to splutter and surge and then the dreaded engine cut out at 100km/h ... so in with the clutch and the left hand indicator to take me to the service road to a rolling stop. After afew minutes to access the situation trying to figure 'what the hell happened', relising it wasnt lack of fuel having still 60k's till reserve I thought it must be electrical. Finding myself on a 'black hole' with no mobile coverage ... grrrrrrrrrrr... a fellow biker approaches, slows noticing that I wasnt going anywhere to soon and stops about 20 meters up the road. I ran up to show my appreciation and low and behold my mobile was back in range so I was able to ring for the cavalry!! He asked me if I was ok and I told him that help was on its way as I just got my mobile back in service again and Thanks so much for stopping.
    I think its great that fellow motorcyclists look out for eachothers welfare in these situations. Three other bikes past int he time before help arrived and all looked my way as to see if help was required. I signalled to say I was fine and they rode on. Not one cager stopped or looked as if they could have cared less. When I got home finally after Mr Greenrider came to the rescue.. and yep folks it appears that it is an ignition problem, I thought to myself if I ever see another biker that looks like they need assistance I will at least make the effort to lend a hand. I know I have raved on abit here but I just wanted to say what was on mind.

  2. Yep , its pretty cool hey. I had pulled over on the side of the road between Merton and Mansfield on Saturday morning to have a smoke and was on the mobile lost in my own world when I heard footsteps and looked up startled to see that a bloke with a trailer and bike on the back had pulled up further down the road and walked back to make sure I was okay.
    Riders are great....
  3. yeah its good that happens, i broke down last year and whilst waiting for a mate to arrive to help me push it home, 2 bikes stopped within half an hour to see if i needed a hand, one car stopped too, but heaps of cars went past, one stopped, and only two bikes passed and both stopped.
    i guess its because we've all been in that situation
  4. A Harley.......break down.......no way! :LOL: