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Thanks victoria...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, May 31, 2008.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/story/0,22606,23783736-2682,00.html

    not content with increasing badd attitudes towards bikes in your own state eh? :LOL:

    i love how someone gets busted riding fast perfectly SAFELY & they then bring up how 3 people have had 'speed related deaths'

  2. I just love the fact that it was a 59 year old woman that was speeding on a bike....grandmas have never look so cool :p
  3. I love to speed as much as anyone, but don't kid yourself that 168kmh is 'safe'!
  4. I agree that 'safe' might be over-egging it in one direction, but don't you think the cops' wording of 'extreme risks' might be taking it a bit far in the other?
  5. I refuse to categorise safety on the basis on a single number alone.

    Situation, situation, situation.

    168kph is not, in and of itself, inherently dangerous. It's where you're doing it that's the issue.

    There are plenty of places on the public road where such is quite safe, the only real issue here is that the police tend to set up speed traps on most of those places.
  6. i know those roads - big, flat, open, good visibility.

    the reason I said she was speeding safely, was becuase they're reporting on her becuase she was pulled over by the cops, not cause she was dead, injured, killed someone else, etc.

    if it was unsafe, surely the story would include info on how many children she killed on the way or something.
  7. For your information that streach of road at that speed is safe its straight in most places with a blk spur type of road finish. :wink: I know of a couple of people that did 190-250 there :shock:
  8. If she'd been done for that here she'd have lost her license for 12 months and had the bike impounded. Think I might take a holiday to speed over there too. :)
  9. She was on a Triumph Rocket! She needs about 3km just to slow down from that speed! :LOL: :LOL: :p
  10. I thought all speeders were young? Don't they usually throw around words like 'stupid', 'invincible', '...don't realise the consequences of their actions', and 'racetrack'. I mean she must have been racing something, how are you for Kangaroos down that neck of the woods?
    All of these 'Wildhogs' and flying 'Nannas' upsetting the stereotypes is bit of a laugh.
    Maybe if they wanted to spin it for the press they could say she had a seniors moment, and thought she was doing only 68! :LOL:
  11. Just a shame they don't train wildlife to avoid roads if they have a black spur type road finish.
  12. Exactly my thoughts, I wonder if the roos, koalas, possums, wombats and rabbits are aware of this roads appeal to motorcyclists?
  13. Yeah, 'cos nocturnal koalas and possums frequently cross roads during the daytime in flat farmland terrain away from trees.

    'cos Kangaroos and emu's are REALLY hard to spot running/bouncing along on a flat plain.

    'cos rabbits can take out semi-trailers travelling at any speed above 40kph.

    'cos largely nocturnal wombats move so fast that they'll leap out suddenly at you.

    I've been on winding roads topping the double ton. Still had more than enough time to spot a wallaby bouncing along up ahead and brake and miss it. I had to turn around 'cos I had forgotten something, and 2 minutes later I came across the same wallaby dead on the side of the road, killed by the only other car on the road that I had overtaken just prior to seeing it, that was travelling at 80kph in a 100kph zone.

    Speed doesn't kill. Inattentiveness does.
  14. I've ridden that road - it's a series of straights that stretch right to the horizon, with 85k recommended corners in between. There's absolutely nothing but scrub either side of the road and balls-all traffic. 168kmh is displaying considerable restraint.

    I guess the policeman at "policeman's point" decided to venture a bit south in search of revenue.
  15. 'cos 58yr old women have the reflexes of a fox and the eyesight of an eagle! :roll: When that scrub wallaby/rabbit/fox/or even a rat, pops out from the long grass to cross the road and she takes evasive action on her rocket, which is a steering and braking motorbike version of a semi trailer, that's safe?
    Just because you saw a roo way up ahead on the road, don't think that makes the road safe, it just tell me there are roos around and that just reinforces my arguement!
  16. Edge, I thought you South Australians would be happy with the additional revenue that the lady in question has just deposited in your state coffers. Pfft, some people are never happy!
  17. If ya don't use it, ya lose it. This old duck seems determined not to lose it. You have to see that road before you tell anyone how dangerous 160kmh is on it. It's possibly one of the most appropriate places I've ever seen for going fast.
  18. How do you know, you tested her vision/reflexes?

    The PDF braking report that robsalvv/MG linked to in another thread proved that braking distances between a cruiser and a modern sportbike are about the same. Triumph Rocket III's have very good brakes. I've witnessed one being taken around Phillip Island at a respectable pace. They turn alright. Unless you've ridden one, you're just engaging in hysteria.

    Did I say what I did after I saw the roo? Don't recall that I did.

    What exactly are the statistics on motorbikes coming to grief due to hitting wildlife anyway?

    As for rats, and rabbits, pfah! I had the experience of racing through Tasmanian country back-roads at night-time some years back. Guy up ahead hit a quoll, which is about a 50cm high mini-carnivorous wallaby-like thing. Bike jumped a bit and a lot of fur came out the back after it went through the chain, guy proceeded on just fine.

    Any animal big enough to cause a bike to come to grief is also going to be big enough to be easily visible on a flat plain.
  19. WTF's with all the anger guys?

    None of us here (certainly not in this post) are exactly angels when it comes to speed.

    Triway, you posted that you exceeded the speed limit enough on an on ramp to attract a large fine and enough points to warrant a 1mth loss of licence.

    One of my friends (and the last person I'd imagine) may shortly get a chance to sample the delights of Melbourne's PT system.

    Me, I've been known to break the odd rule.

    So, but there for the grace of God go I....We're all prone to a spot of silliness from time to time.

    There's always a time and a place. So people who've ridden this road say of all the places, it's one of them. Timing was obviously a bit off.

    As for animals? Well, her vision was sufficiently off that she didn't spot the speed trap, but those things can be set up some way away. Even so, I'd never speed on a long straight stretch of road as the opportunity to get picked up with a laser or aero is too much.

    I still think it's amusing that a 59yo woman got done for that speed! Copper's face must have been a sight when he realised the age of the person!
  20. Another bloke (who you'd expect to be hanging by a thread) confessed the other day that he had all 12 points. Go figure!