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Thanks to the riders who gave me fuel.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by taiheung, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. I was riding up centenary drive (just before Nestle/Concord Rd intersection) yesterday at about 1.50pm when my bike started to smoothly lose power. My fuel guage was clearly a bit optimistic. I got off the bike, parked it on the kerb of a construction site and began my shameful walk to where I thought the closest petrol station was. Just as I started to walk I said to myself, "it would be so good if a fellow rider saw me right now and gave me a hand" and within 50m of walking sure enough a father-son duo with a UTE & dirt bike on board selflessly pulled a u-turn for me in heavy traffic.

    I just wanted to say thanks to Wayne and son Jason for both spotting me more than enough fuel and giving me a few pointers on how to treat my bike. You guys are true legends and if I ever get a chance to catch you drinks are on me. If anyone recognises the names please let them know I've expressed my gratitude again.

    On a slightly related topic. Today around 5pm. Parramatta Rd in Concord - 3 sports bikes pulled over by cops. Anyone know the story?

  2. "you meet the nicest people on a " ... oh, wait a minute, you've got a Hyosung :LOL:

    Good story, mate, there are some nice people left in the world, and it restores your faith in human nature when you meet them......
  3. whats a fuel gauge :LOL:
  4. It's the sound your bike makes when you shake it side to side :grin:
  5. Trip meter all the way...
  6. You were riding around for ages on reserve?
  7. Hyosung GT250R doesn't have a reserve... don't know about the other models.
  8. Had this happen to me about six months ago. A family of four stopped when they saw me pushing my bike to the nearest servo (about 1km away). They gave me a lift to a servo to get a can of fuel, took me back to the bike, got me going, then followed me back to the servo to make sure I made it okay and also to return the fuel can for me.

    Turned out the Mum and Dad raced a sidecar!

    I was sooooo humbled by the amount of help they gave me.
  9. i think police were targeting bikes over the weekend.
    also saw another rider pulled over on para road just as u come out of ashfield hume hwy around 10pm last night
  10. ha u ran out of fuel in front of my work lol should have came got me