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Thanks to the cyclist in the pink shorts...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rip, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. ...who stopped to see if I was ok when the VFR stopped working in the centre lane of Adelaide St this morning.

    I might have to start nodding to cyclists now.
  2. He might have been a biker, who pedalled as well... Although the pink shorts is a bit of a worry LOL
  3. I figured she was...
  4. another brownyy thread. this forum never disappoints.
  5. Got an email addy? Give me 30 minutes and i'll hook you up!! :D
  6. Nobody stopped for me on Mona Vale Rd around 7.30pm last night :( Had some d!ckhead P-Plater swerve at me (in the breakdown lane) at about 100kph though... not impressed. My father came to the rescue with his trailer after about 30 minutes waiting in the drizzling rain.

    The regulator is blownand the battery has popped (hopefully it hasn't taken the stator with it). She's just been dropped off to Motorcycle Weaponry and I'm waiting a call as to the cost.
  7. Not so. I merely wanted to express my gratitude to the passer by who stopped to see if they could help.The fact that she was fit, blonde and wearing a pair of remarkably small pink shorts is incidental.

    Not cool. Hope it turns out okay. Didn't know rec/regulators were a triumph weak point.
  8. Oh come on, that *never* happens.
  9. I know, VFRs are meant to be bullet proof. I have been neglecting it a bit, tho
  10. dude!
    adelaide street in freak hour? how are you still alive??
  11. :worthlesspics:

    What a shame! Hope you're back riding soon.
  12. They rang back late yesterday and she keep blowing the ignition fuse. At a minimum, it needs a regulator and a new battery; hopefully the ECU isn''t stuffed!

    Edit: Stupid me... I only bought the bike on 6 Feb this year and it has a 3 month 3,000km warranty. I'll be calling up Northside Motorcycles this morning to get this sorted out.
  13. damn. sorry to hear bout this happening to your new love. hopefully cheap'n'easy fix?
  14. She's now at Northside Motorcycles (where I bought the bike) and is being looked at under warranty which has 3 weeks remaining. I've been asked to check back "late in the week as we are quite busy" as to the status (all things are leading towards a blown ECU). Lucky, I get the use of a V-8 ute today for the next 2 weeks although I don't think I'll like the associated fuel bill!
  15. ahahahahah well done